This Is Why There Are Two “Justice League” Wikipedia Pages

justice league
Warner Brothers/DC
Warner Brothers/DC

When Justice League came out in 2017 it spawned quite the frenetic fan controversy. Prior to its release, Zack Snyder stepped down as the director after several production and personal issues got in his way. Joss Whedon, who steered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the right direction with The Avengers was hired to take over and “fix” the film.

Under the new guidance, Justice League went through massive changes and extensive reshoots. The final movie that was released was met with negativity from both critics and fans. Fans were so upset that they demanded Warner Brothers release the “Snyder Cut” so they could see the movie as originally intended.

Since then, a “Versions of Justice League” Wikipedia page has existed, although in 2019 it might be getting deleted. Those who want to get rid of the page claim it goes into “such excessive detail on every tiny aspect” of Snyder’s version it only delivers information niche fans of the director would enjoy.

Those fighting to keep the page alive say that it has become a victim of “editor bias” and deserves to be kept intact. At this point in time, it’s safe to say both sides are in a stalemate, leaving one of the two Justice League Wikipedia pages in limbo.