Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Is Poised To Be A Hit

once upon a time in hollywood
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Colombia Pictures
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Colombia Pictures

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is making its highly anticipated theatrical debut this weekend, and it’s poised to be a big hit. For writer/director Quentin Tarantino, it even has a chance to be his biggest one to date.

On Fandango, pre-sales for the love letter to Hollywood have already beaten Tarantino’s other movies. If it opens around its current $40 million projection, the acclaimed filmmaker’s penultimate tale will eclipse Inglorious Basterds as his biggest first weekend. If it can then go on to eclipse Django Unchained’s $162 million for its total run, it will prove that Tarantino has aged in his career like a fine wine.

If that is true, however, it will only break our hearts. Tarantino has long stood by his words that he will retire after directing his 10th movie. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his ninth. What could he possibly do to end his career on the highest note possible?

If rumors are to be believed, Tarantino might be circling a Star Trek film as his finale. He’s already said he would make it “Pulp Fiction in space,” a statement which has Trekkies worried.

Before any of that happens, Quentin Tarantino is focusing on his current film, and so can everyone starting this weekend.