A History Of Iconic Women: Here Are 60 Years Of Lady Legends

Have you ever wondered who the most beautiful women in the world are? I am sure this has been the topic discussion of many people throughout the ages. In a society obsessed with looks and beauty, many people just want to know who the “beautiful women” are, deep down.

Jayne Mansfield: The Blonde Bombshell

Jayne Mansfield (April 19, 1933 – June 29, 1967) was a television and film actress. She was the first major American actress to have a starring role, where she played a scene in which she wore no clothes, in the Hollywood movie Promises! Promises!.


Hulton Archives/Hulton Archives/Getty Images

Jayne was the epitome of a “blonde bombshell” and was known for her curves, platinum blonde hair, and showing off her cleavage in some of her photographs.