A History Of Iconic Women: Here Are 60 Years Of Lady Legends

She Didn’t Mind Being A Playmate

Not only did Jayne Mansfield act in Hollywood films, she was also a Playboy Playmate. About this more scandalous side of her career, Jayne once exclaimed “I like being a pin-up girl. There’s nothing wrong with it.”


Harry Benson/Hulton Archives/Getty Images

Her real life was just as exciting as her roles on-screen. Mansfield was married three times, had five children, and had numerous affairs with other celebrities including Claude Terrail, Robert F. Kennedy, and JFK. Mansfield passed away after a violent car crash in Mississippi in 1967. Three of her children were in the back seat but were unharmed. There were rumors that Mansfield died of decapitation during the crash, but these were later proven to be false. She was only 34.