Zak Bagan’s “Demon House” Is Here To Test Paranormal Skeptics

Freestyle Releasing/Travel Channel

For 17 seasons, Zak Bagans has hosted Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. The show, if you couldn’t guess, follows him and his friends around as they try and capture evidence of ghosts and demons at America’s most haunted locations. In 2019, Bagans took things a step further, debuting his feature length documentary Demon House.

In the new film, a small crew follows Zak after he purchases a house where the Ammons family claims to have been possessed in 2011. According to the documentary, some people claim over 200 demons live in the house. During the possession, visits from police officers and child services corroborated the family’s story, and a priest performed exorcisms on every member before they moved.

Instead of the usual jump scares of Ghost Adventures, Bagans takes his time to interview everyone he possibly can. He even makes a slight effort to see if the entire possession was an elaborate hoax. After one of his camera men has a mental breakdown and another crew member is taken to the hospital with mass organ failure, Bagans takes the investigation into his own hands.

For one night, Bagans boards himself in the house in complete darkness, opening himself up to whatever evils may lay inside. You’ll have to watch to see what happens, and if Bagans has his way, you might even turn off the “cursed” film believing in the things that go bump in the night!