World Cup Intel: The Craziest Moments In The History Of The Tournament

The World Cup is one of the greatest sporting events the world has ever seen. Every four years moments are created that will live forever in history. A true world event, over one billion people watch the final match every year.

With stakes so high, players lay their bodies on the line for greatness. Blood is spilled and legacies are made. When all is said and done, one country will stand proud, with the rest heartbroken. Read along to relive the greatest moments and best matches in World Cup history. You won’t believe how Russia pulled off the biggest upset in World Cup History in 2018!

Zidane’s Headbutt Heard ‘Round The World

zidane headbutt.jpg

Photo Credit: Eddy LEMAISTRE/Corbis via Getty Images

In his last professional match, Zinedine Zidane turned around in the 110th minute and headbutted an opposing player in the chest. The violent outburst resulted in a red card for the Frenchmen. For the last ten minutes of the match, France played a man down and somehow held Italy scoreless, forcing a shootout.

Italy won the shootout and the World Cup. Zidane ended his career in disgrace. France hasn’t returned to the World Cup Final since. Zidane turned his attention to coaching and won the 2018 Champions League Cup with Real Madrid. He resigned after the title win.