The Wives And Girlfriends Of History’s Dictators

History may remember the strict policies, personalities, and terror that many dictators and tyrants have inflicted upon their people and country. However, their harshness doesn’t necessarily mean that they were solitary individuals. Like most other people, they have (or had) spouses or lovers by their side who either supported or were unaware of their significant others’ actions, no matter how extreme or cruel. Take a look to learn about these women, even though they exist in the shadow of their ruler companions.

Ana Paula dos Santos Is A Member Of The International Steering Committee

Picture of the dos Santos
Jean Catuffe/Getty Images
Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Ana Paula dos Santos is the wife of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She was originally a fashion model and came to know her husband while working as a flight attendant on the presidential aircraft.

Although she has a degree in teaching, law, and is a member of the International Steering Committee, her husband is known for his countless atrocities, including torture and murder, during the 27-year-old Civil War that raged under his rule. Santos stepped down from the presidency in 2017.