Witchy Facts About The Movie Practical Magic

In 1995, Alice Hoffman published her book, Practical Magic, about two witch sisters struggling with a family curse. The novel was a bestseller and received a movie adaptation in October 1998. Over 20 years later, Practical Magic is still incredibly popular.

While the movie appears seamless, the production went through several struggles, including a last-minute soundtrack change and the producer working on two movies at once. Learn the behind-the-scenes facts that add to the magic of this film.

The Movie Got Cursed By A Real Witch

Publicity still of Stockard Channing & Camilla Belle on Practical Magic
MovieStillsDB/Practical Magic/Warner Bros.
MovieStillsDB/Practical Magic/Warner Bros.

To make the movie seem more realistic, director Griffin Dunne hired a real witch as a consultant. She was paid and put up in a nice hotel. In an interview with Vulture, Dunne recounted that the witch called him and inexplicably demanded $250,000 of the film’s profit.

The producers denied her demands. In response, the witch threatened “a land of curses” on the set and attempted to sue Warner Bros. Eventually, the studio paid her to give it up.