Winning The Lottery Comes Naturally For This Family

man won the lottery after his stepdad already hit it big
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A man in Pennsylvania who won $25,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket was pretty shocked to learn he was a winner. It turns out that he wasn’t even the first person in his family to hit it big with the lotto and never expected such luck to hit the same family twice.

The 27-year old from New Haven, Pennsylvania, bought the winning ticket in Delaware. He opted to buy four scratch-off tickets at the Royal Farms store in Georgetown. One of them, a $25,000 CASHTASTIC ticket, was a $25,000 top prize winner.

He told Delaware Lottery officials that another family member had already won big bucks: his stepfather. “I couldn’t believe it,” the winner said. “I scanned my ticket and it said to come to Lottery Headquarters. I was so shocked.”

His stepfather had won a substantially larger amount two years prior, snagging a whopping $300,000 prize. After that big win, the 27-year-old started playing himself. It clearly paid off. His plan is to save the prize winnings for his daughter.

If you think that’s weird, consider that there are quite a few people who have won the lotto more than once, including some pretty major cash prizes. An electrician in England even won the lottery twice with the same numbers in just one year.