Who Is Angelica Kenova, AKA Human Barbie?

Since a young age, Angelica Kenova’s unique beauty was apparent. As a young Russian girl, her mother saw similarities in her appearance, believing that she resembled a Barbie doll. This belief only grew stronger as Angelica grew up. By the time she reached her late 20s, Angelica was a social media star, with people around the world calling her ‘the human Barbie.’ But beyond the photos on Instagram lies a deeper story. One of a girl whose life was decided for her. Her features may be stunning, but her existence on social media is perhaps the most freedom this girl has.

People Call Her ‘Human Barbie’

Born in Moscow, Angelica’s big blue eyes and delicate blonde hair perfectly matches the most popular doll in the world, Barbie. Many believe that the Barbie doll is the epitome of beauty, and Angelica captures every physical feature of hers.

When she was young, this made her look like a princess but what would her life be like as she got older? She’d never be able to hide her face and her parents were very protective of her from the start.

Miss Angelica Kenova

Most gorgeous people are discovered by a modeling agent at some point, which launches their career in modeling and entertainment, and catapults them to fame. But that wasn’t the case for Angelica Kenova. From the time she was born, Angelica was essentially a living doll, and people couldn’t help but constantly compare her to Barbie.

Today she’s been named one of the most beautiful people in the world. But instead of a modeling career to get her recognition, her life and fame revolves around social media.

She Looks Like Her Mother

To understand Angelica and her unique life, you’ll need to understand who her parents are. Natalia and Evgeniy Kenova both grew up in Russia, where they fell in love and were married in the 1980s. Angelica’s mother Natalia was a natural beauty as well, and many people who admired her looks compared her to actress Brigitte Bardot.

After they were wed, Natalia became pregnant. They learned that their first child would be a baby girl.

She Was The First-Born Child

Natalia was elated to learn that she would be giving birth to a baby girl. And when Angelica was born, it was soon apparent that she also had her mother’s good looks. From the time she was little, people compared her to a baby doll.

Bright blue eyes and porcelain skin gave her face a doll-like appearance. She also loved to pose for the camera. Her parents adored her and were protective from the start.

Growing Up In Russia

Just like other parents, Natalia and Evgeniy absolutely adored their daughter. They kept her close by their side and gave her anything that she wanted. She was their little princess, and had all the clothes, toys and pets she could ever want.

Her parents showered her with love and sent her to one of the most prestigious schools in Russia, which wasn’t cheap. Anything for their little girl.

Angelica Was Enamored With Barbie Dolls

Before Angelica was born, her mother Natalia was already obsessed with beauty. When she saw how lovely her daughter was, it gave her every reason to embrace and celebrate it. Her mother began gifting Angelica with Barbie dolls and commenting on how she resembled them.

It’s easy to see how Angelica grew up believing that she was a living Barbie herself. After all, that’s what her mother told her. She even dressed the child up to look like the dolls even more.

Embracing Her Beauty

Angelica’s parents more than encouraged her to embrace her looks and similarities to Barbie dolls. In fact, her mother carefully selected her outfits every day, whether she was walking around the house or going out to eat. Natalia carefully controlled Angelica’s appearance down to every last details.

While many people may think this is strange, to Angelica, it was just how her life was. Her parents kept her at an arm’s distance from other kids, and so she had nothing to compare it to.

Keeping Her Barbie Doll Figure

As she grew up, Angelica became less like a little girl and more like a young woman. She needed a fitness routine to maintain her narrow waist and Barbie-like figure.

When she was a teenager, her parents hired Angelica a personal trainer with specific instructions as to what guidelines they wanted to achieve. Today Angelica weights a mere 91 pounds with a 20-inch waist, and 32E bra.

Spending A Lot Of Time In The Gym

Her parents made it clear what their hopes were for Angelica. Part of the Barbie lifestyle meant working out like it was her job. Her personal trainers guide her through 2-3 hours of intense workouts at the gym. She does lots of cardio and weight training.

On top of working out with her personal trainers five times a week, Angelica runs on her own to make sure she always looks exactly like the body of a Barbie doll.

She Has A Secret Diet

Of course, on top of her fierce fitness routine, Angelica has a super strict diet that she never breaks. When asked about what she eats, however, she chooses to keep it a secret. “I do not want to reveal my diet,” she told a user on social media.

However, she’s quick to shoot down claims that she went through plastic surgery in order to achieve her narrow waist. She and her family insist that her beauty and Barbie doll-like figure are one hundred percent natural.

She Has Fans Who Love Her

Her 129,000 fans on Instagram absolutely adore Angelica, and of course they have plenty of questions, too. While she interacts with her fans on social media, she always keeps her private life and routines a secret.

She lets her fans view her Barbie-like world, but Angelica never lets them in past skin deep. Followers wondered why they didn’t hear candid responses or photos from her, like other social media stars often share. Angelica’s life was clearly different.

No Freedom

It became evident that Angelica’s silence and isolation were in part because of her parents. She was growing up, but every move she made was orchestrated by her mother and father. She didn’t have a say in what she wore or where she went. In fact, she didn’t even leave the house without her parents.

While other people wondered why they would let her leave the house, as she was nearing her 20s, it was just the life that Angelica always knew and she didn’t question it.

Her Mom (Always) Dresses Her

Even though she was now becoming a young adult, Angelica’s mother still insisted on picking out all of her clothes. She was essentially playing dress-up, with her daughter as her life-size Barbie doll. Angelica continued to follow her parents’ wishes, as her Instagram following skyrocketed.

Most of her life consisted of being dressed up and going to photoshoots. And when the question of whether Angelica would move out of the house now that she was a young adult arose, her parents forbade it.

From Barbie To…

Now grown up, Angelica began to realize that she had dreams of her own. Playing Barbie doll was fun when she was little, but now that her figure had developed, she wanted more. Angelica began idolizing Playboy models instead.

She knew that her parents wouldn’t approve of her dreams and she struggled to maintain the image they wanted her to be. Angelica knew that she was growing up, but she believed that she would also never get enough freedom to live out her dreams.

Her Parents’ Princess

Angelica’s parents wanted her to stay at home. They worried about their daughter’s safety, being so beautiful, and also didn’t want her to fall under bad influence. They made her believe that the world was a scary place, and that she needed to listen to them and follow their instructions in order to be safe.


However, they selected lingerie outfits for her photoshoots, transitioning into more adult photos. Her photos projected the image of an grown woman, but her life was still extremely sheltered.

Searching For A Partner

Now a young woman, Angelica wanted to find love. Her life as a human Barbie doll meant one thing: she needed to find her Ken. Angelica went out for modeling shoots, where she would meet male models who would ask her out.

Her mother allowed Angelica to date, but only with her permission. Another restriction is that her mother required that she go with her daughter on every date. Her social life was watched like a hawk.

Dating Is Difficult

As you can imagine, it was hard dating with her mother at the table every time. She felt that she didn’t need a chaperone by her side, but her parents wouldn’t budge on the issue. While it was clear that Angelica was looking for love, she wasn’t feeling optimistic.

“All the boys I know are just friends,” she said in an interview, “unfortunately.” Now a working adult, it appeared that Angelica would never break free of her parents’ strict control.

Looking For Prince Charming

Like anyone else, Angelica’s feelings go up and down. Sometimes she’s sad that she doesn’t have a partner, while other times she’s hopeful that she will find her prince charming. While many of her social media followers expect her to be searching for a man based simply on looks, she insists that’s not the case.

When asked what type of guy she’s looking for, Angelica insists that she wants someone who is career-driven and kind. Looks aren’t the most important thing, even if that’s what her own life has been based around.

She Wants To Please Her Parents

At the end of the day, Angelica isn’t upset with her parents for their controlling behavior. She always speaks of her love and adoration of her parents, and is thankful for all they have done for her. Family is of utmost importance to her, and that’s why she’s never bitter about any limitations her parents put on her freedom.

She believes that she was destined to be Human Barbie, and she’ll always embrace the gift that was given to her.

Still Living Under Her Parents’ Roof

Her career and Instagram following continue to grow, but Angelica still remains at home with her parents, most of the time. The decision of which brands to pose for is no small decision, one that her parents put a great deal of thought into.

Her mother still selects all of her outfits, opting for a more adult wardrobe that brands are after. While she could make a killing traveling around the world working as a model, Angelica’s parents strategically select her bookings, and keep her close to home.

Will She Ever Leave Her Family?

Of course, people wonder if she’ll ever get up and leave her parents’ house. Doesn’t she want her freedom? It sounded like she did before… Her followers ask about her life, and every once in a while, she’ll give them a rare glimpse into it.

On one post, Angelica admitted that her life was like living in a “glass palace” where she was locked up and could only view the world, but not interact with it. She also said that one day she wants to “break free.”

Leaving Russia?

Seeing the rest of the world through the lens of Instagram, Angelica wanted to leave her home country of Russia and experience it for herself. She became increasingly resistant to the limited world her parents thought she should live in. She wanted more. She wanted to move out.

One of the rifts in the family was that Angelica’s modeling career and social media fame had become the family business. And since her parents launched her career in the first place, Angelica felt that she owed it to them to stay, and obey.


When asked why she doesn’t just leave, Angelica says that she doesn’t want to hurt her parents. Her loyalty remains her top priority, and if that means sacrificing her freedom, she’s okay with it… for now. Many people who comment on her life also see both sides of it.

Her parents may be controlling, but they took every step to ensure that their daughter had a beautiful life. Angelica was well taken care of and educated, and the family is very tight-knit.

What Makes Her Happy

While her loyalty is evident, is Angelica really happy with her life? She can be obedient to her parents, and have a successful modeling career, but would this make her happy? Fans wondered what was going through her head.

It seems that Angelica wanted to leave, but she was weighing if her freedom was really worth the strong possibility of crushing her parents’ dreams. How long was she supposed to go on living like a human Barbie doll though? Forever?

All She’s Ever Known

Then there’s the question of whether Angelica is brave enough to go out on her own. With her parents making every choice for her throughout her entire life, would she even be able to survive on her own? From what her parents have said, the world is a scary place for a beautiful girl like her.

Fear may be the driving force in keeping her at home. Her fans dug deeper to find out if that was really the case.

Is She Safe Alone?

Fans realized that Angelica was afraid of being out in the world alone. Her unique beauty captures attention wherever she goes, and that makes her at risk for running into someone with bad intentions.

She felt a strong connection to her parents and her home in Russia, so maybe that’s where she should stay. She struggled with having an international reputation, but living in a world that was small. Should she take a risk and leave, or stay with her parents in her comfort zone?

It’s A Big World Out There

Now 29 years old, Angelica has achieved great success. She’s managed to maintain her Barbie doll-like image every day, her entire life. She works extremely hard to keep her figure fit, and only wear outfits that accentuate her features.

Every photo she takes is perfectly staged, and she has created an enormous portfolio of being a real-life Barbie doll. She realizes that she has her entire life ahead of her to do whatever she wants. But for now, she is choosing to enjoy her gift.

Becoming Her Own Person

Every once in a while, fans get a taste of Angelica’s personality outside of the Barbie persona. Here she takes a selfie in clothes that Barbie would never wear. It seems as though Angelica is testing the waters of coming into her own person. She could dress like Barbie, but underneath the outfits and the makeup, she’s Angelica.

Fans are hoping that they get to see more of who Angelica is under the surface, and it’s clear that Angelica is excited to share.

Their Concerns Are Valid

Selfies give Angelica the rare opportunity to stage and pose photos how she wants to. While her parents may encourage her to stay behind closed doors, they can’t prevent her from interacting on Instagram and taking selfies. After all, it is her livelihood.

Angelica herself appears to prefer limited freedom, as she loves being immersed in a beautiful world and has all that right at her fingertips at home. If she were to step outside her comfort zone and make her own choices, it would be risky.

Leaving The Nest

So what’s she going to do? While she has the rest of her life to do as she pleases, she knows that she won’t have the opportunity to pose for Playboy forever. The chance is like a carrot being dangled in front of her. All she has to do is tell her parents she’s making her own choices.

Deep down, she probably knows that her parents love her unconditionally, even if that means leaving the test and flying on her own.

She’s Still Looking For Love

While she’s achieved great success in the modeling world, Angelica will admit that she’s had a limited amount of life experiences. She’s only seen what her parents have shown her, and that isn’t much. Modeling and working on her fitness take up her time, and she doesn’t get to enjoy having a ‘normal’ life.

She still wishes that she had a boyfriend, and that she could go out in public with just her friends, like other girls her age do.

Three’s A Crowd

The question of whether she’ll tell her mother Natalia that she can’t accompany her on her dates anymore is yet to be answered. It’s hard to imagine not having been on a single date alone by the time you’re 30 years old.

But once again, that’s all Angelica knows. For her, it’s normal. Of course, from the guy’s point of view, it’s probably more than strange, and they’ve probably let her know that they can’t continue seeing her if her mother is always going to be chaperoning.

She’s A Social Media Star

It seems as though Angelica is about to break free of her parents’ control, and start a new life as a young adult. Her fans follow her every photo, catching glimpses into her life, and wondering what she’ll do next.

Whatever path Angelica chooses for herself, the world will be watching and supporting her. It may be a big, scary world out there, but Angelica has plenty of beautiful to make it shine a bit brighter.