Who Is Angelica Kenova, AKA Human Barbie?

Since a young age, Angelica Kenova’s unique beauty was apparent. As a young Russian girl, her mother saw similarities in her appearance, believing that she resembled a Barbie doll. This belief only grew stronger as Angelica grew up. By the time she reached her late 20s, Angelica was a social media star, with people around the world calling her ‘the human Barbie.’ But beyond the photos on Instagram lies a deeper story. One of a girl whose life was decided for her. Her features may be stunning, but her existence on social media is perhaps the most freedom this girl has.

People Call Her ‘Human Barbie’

Born in Moscow, Angelica’s big blue eyes and delicate blonde hair perfectly matches the most popular doll in the world, Barbie. Many believe that the Barbie doll is the epitome of beauty, and Angelica captures every physical feature of hers.

When she was young, this made her look like a princess but what would her life be like as she got older? She’d never be able to hide her face and her parents were very protective of her from the start.