When Artificial Intelligence Isn’t All That Intelligent

Artificial intelligence or AI is something that we only used to read about in science fiction novels or saw in movies. However, now, it has become a very real and somewhat established aspect of our society. From gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa or Siri for the iPhone, we are surrounded by AI more than we realize. Although AI has proven to be extremely helpful in some applications, it has also been known to make mistakes. Whether these mistakes were small enough to laugh at or serious enough to cause someone’s death, here are some AI fails that prove we still have some serious work to do regarding artificial intelligence.

Wait until you see what AI robot Sophia had to say about humans…

Alexa Likes To Party, Neighbors Call The Cops


Photo Credit: The Daily Dot

The Amazon Alexa is a party favorite with its ability to play loud music, skips songs with voice command, and easy connection to Spotify. However, apparently, Alexa likes to party on her own and even get herself into trouble from time to time. In Hamburg, Germany, Alexa owner Oliver Haberstroh was out one night when his Alexa mysteriously turned on and began blasting music at 1:50 a.m. Alexa was causing such a ruckus that the neighbors called the police assuming that there was a party going on far longer than it should have been. When the police came to break up the supposed party they ended up having to break down the door, only to find the Alexa playing music on its own.