Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets Of Flying And What It’s Really Like Working For An Airline

Flight attendants might seem to have a glamorous job but there is more to the job than you might think. Yes, they get to travel for free and see every corner of the world but they also have to undergo difficult training and deal with some seriously horrible passengers.

There are plenty of secrets that your flight attendants are hiding from you behind that charming smile. But if you really knew what was going on behind the scenes when you fly, you’d be in for a surprise.

They Keep Their Hands Behind Their Backs For A Reason

flight attendant with hands clasped

Have you ever noticed that flight attendants always seem to greet passengers with their hands clasped behind their backs? Turns out that there’s a good reason airline employees do this.

Hiding their hands makes it easier to conduct a head count as people enter the plane – they’re keeping count on their fingers! If you saw them counting on their fingers in front of you, you probably wouldn’t think too highly of them. The trust between the attendant and passenger must never be broken.