Warning: These Female Athlete Fails Are So Awful, You Can’t Look Away…

While many athletes strive for perfection, no one can attain that goal and we all have our share of embarrassing moments. However, it’s far worse when they are caught on camera! Here are some of the most epic fails featuring women athletes.

Look Out Below

Hannah Peters/Getty Images
Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Performing at the 2014 All-Around Women’s final, Australian gymnast Olivia Vivian appears to have lost control on the balance beam. But, don’t worry! Despite the terrified look on her face, Vivian managed to place fifth overall as the highest scoring Australian in the bunch with a score of 13!

The 27-year-old gymnast started her profession at just eight years old, claiming the uneven bars as her favorite apparatus. In 2008, she contributed the highest score of the Australian team at that year’s Olympic games with a sixth-place finish. She even competed for Oregon State University in the NCAA gymnastics for four years.