Uniforms On The Hottest People You’ve Ever Seen: It Only Makes Them More Attractive

We all enjoy a woman or man in uniform. Some people wear uniforms because they are required for the job. Some people wear uniforms just for fun and also to get a rise out of people! In either case, at work or for cosplay, these individuals look scorching hot in these delicious uniforms! We have cheerleaders, first responders, volleyball players, flight attendants, and much much more. And they all look amazing.

Cheerleaders’ Uniforms are Always Amazing

Cheerleaders’ Uniforms are Always Amazing

Sometimes they are professionals, sometimes they are students. Either way, these uniforms are some of our all-time favorites. Check out Oregon’s ladies! This university certainly makes sure they put their best face forward and the squad is often referred to as the Ambassadors of the U of Oregon!

The squad generally rolls 42 deep, which is a perfect side for this co-ed group of loyal athletes. To be a cheerleader for the Ducks, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA, as well as have excellent technical and athletic ability. The girls travel across the nation in order to cheer on the various sports teams of the university. Tumbling is not a required talent but it is encouraged.

Alabama Crimson Tide Uniforms


Alabama has two teams for cheerleaders: one all-female and one co-ed. The co-ed team cheers at football games while the women’s team cheers at many other sports events. Theses cheerleaders are asked to do a back handspring back tuck and a toe touch back tuck during their try-outs.

Tumbling isn’t the only necessary skill, the cheerleaders also must have familiarity with executing cheers, dances, and stunts to perfection. Of course, knowing the Roll Tide fight song also goes a long way! Alabama’s southern belles don’t skimp on the stunts, either. They wear those scarlet A’s all the way through tons of lifts and cupies.

Figure Skaters’ Flexibility?


Figure skaters definitely require uniforms that are flexible and that will stretch with their every move. The majority of their costumes are made out of spandex and other stretch material in order to allow the skaters to perform their agile moves. Of course, in order to be able to maintain flexibility, figure skaters perform a whole lot of warm-up and cool-down stretches with every single workout.

These workouts increase the range of motion while also limiting the potential for injury during vigorous dance routines. The dance routines are extremely intricate, not to mention all of the jumps and spins and other flexible moves that the skates are able to complete.

One More Figure Skater


She’s literally an Olympian. How much more impressive can you get? Some of a skater’s flexibility daily stretching workouts include the following: jogging in place, jumping rope, bench stepping, slide board, jumping jacks, ankle bounces, easy ice strokes, trunk/torso rotations, and various footwork drills. Not only are figure skaters attractive to look at but they are also athletes.

And it gets even more impressive. Did you know that the fastest spin ever recorded was done by Russian skater Natalia Kanounnikova who achieved a maximum rotational velocity of 308 RPM, which was recorded in 2000 at the Rockefeller Centre Ice Rink in New York City?

That Is Some Impressive Gymnastic Work

With the kinds of physical demands that gymnastics requires, it’s no wonder that this sport tones their bodies up nicely. Gymnasts are known for having strong and firm bodies, including that tough-to-tone derriere. You can tell this lady is one tough cookie, not to mention, super impressive!


How she is able to do this is beyond most mere mortals. All gymnasts exude strength, flexibility, and elegance. While every now and then criticize a gymnastics body for being too muscular we think that is totally off base. All the exercises gymnasts perform are totally body weight based which means they tone up perfectly.

All That Practice Pays Off


There are many different gymnastic events including vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercises, pommel horse, still rings, parallel bars, high bar, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and aerobic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is super interesting and often includes using several different pieces of apparatus including rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon.

Judging by the looks of these ladies in their uniforms, all those activities are great for creating gorgeous, toned bodies. Of course, these ladies also undergo super strict training regiments including watching what they eat in order to have the best appearance possible. This also enables them to perform better the more in shape they are.

A Few More Cheerleader Uniforms


We know you like them. Let’s go Florida! These cheerleaders compete at UCA Nationals in January every year. They are not messing around when it comes to their cheers. Their tryouts last for three days and cover everything from tumbling to technique to stunting. Their pyramids and baskets are always on fleek.

You know these cheerleaders don’t skip a single day of practice. Summer practices are in June and July, and they first report to the squad officially in August. Cheer is life for these ladies! Yet, it’s also not the only life as the squad takes time out for community events. They actively volunteer for various community service events around the Florida area.

Cheer for The Horned Frogs!


These boots are made for something… The Horned Frogs are what we call the athletes and teams of Texas Christian University. They have 18 varsity teams, and the cheerleaders don’t let a single one of them down! They love to sing the “Hey Song” by Gary Glitter in order to rile up the crowd when the athletes need encouragement. Gary Glitter is no stranger to cheerleaders.

He is a fan of the San Diego Chargers and even helped choreograph some of their cadences in 1989. TCU has been a part of the Big 12 since 2012, so you know they need extra love from their cheerleading department. These girls look downright professional! TCU has both cheerleaders and “showgirls,” AKA the dance team. At least 100 women try out each and every year.

Down South Cheer

Down South Cheer

Okay, a few last college cheerleaders and then on to some professional gals. Up next, Louisiana State University Cheer Squad! LSU cheerleaders are expected to be very well rounded individuals. The squad is co-ed and there are only a few differences in the requirements between guys and girls. It’s also super important for squad members to make sure they are always representing the University.

Some of the top requirements are how cheerleaders are doing in their classes, good grades are imperative. Interacting well with coaches is also super important. For girls, it’s a plus to be familiar with different sorts of basket tosses and be able to complete tumbling passes like standing back tucks and standing back handspring tucks, although most girls are able to perform layouts or full twists. Guys are also expected to tumble!

How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys?


And now up for some professional cheer squads! What would a list of uniforms be without the famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?! The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are without a doubt the most famous and most recognizable cheerleading team to ever exist. The cheerleading squad first got their start way back in 1960 which was basically around the time the team itself got their start.

At the beginning, they had a coed team which was referred to as the CowBelles and Beaux. It would be interesting to see how that would go over in this day and age! The male counterpart to the cheer squad, The Beaux, were given the boot by the 1970s.

A Signature Look


By the 1970s, the all-girl version of the Cowboys Cheerleaders adopted their signature look, a blue and white cowboy uniform that consisted of a blue top, white vest, white shorts, and of course the famous white cowboy boots.

The girls have remained super popular and even put out a best-selling annual swimsuit calendar, had a made-for-TV movie, tons of various merchandise, and even had a reality show about their tryouts! An interesting tidbit is that the girls’ outfits have remained relatively the same for the most part with the exception of a few tweaks here and there to keep it up to date!

The Bronkettes


The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are certainly another team that deserves a space in the hot files. The team has also undergone a series of name changes over the years. They have been known as the Bronkettes, the Bronco Belles, and lastly the Pony Express. Back in 1980, they had to face what was considered a major scandal for the time, when two of the cheerleaders posed topless in Playboy.

The Denver Bronco organization decided to completely disband the team for almost 13 years, until 1993 when the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders was finally reinstituted. The girls’ uniforms now consist of orange, blue, and white uniforms and on special occasions … chaps!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Moving on to the girls of beautiful Florida, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! These cheerleaders wear some of the skimpiest uniforms in the entire league. Of course, this is probably good news for the majority of football fans everywhere! Because the Buccaneers refers to pirates, the ladies of the squad wear black, gray, and red to signify a very “pirate-y” look. Walk the plank, matey!

Some of the girls on the squad have even gone on to considerable fame in their own right. For instance, the former cheerleader, Maribel Liliana Delgado, ended up winning a season of The Bachelor. Previously, Maribel was Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader through the 1990s.

The Washington Redskins

There may be a change coming in the uniform of the Washington Redskin football players. The uniform change would be long coming as the team’s gold pants and jersey has been the same for a long time. So we shall see if the owner actually follows through! The cheerleaders’ uniforms, on the other hand, are of course famously sexy.


The ladies wear white, gold and burgundy colored uniforms. The barely there attire covers about as much as a bikini at the beach to the enjoyment of their many male football fans. Surely, the players don’t mind the view either.

The Mighty Mighty Ducks Have Ice Girls!

I didn’t even know Ice Girls were a thing. Am I watching the wrong sports? Apparently, these girls actually do the work of shoveling the slush around during breaks. The average maintenance worker is just not hot enough to do a job in front of a crowd apparently.


Ice girls are pretty much the hockey version of the NFL cheerleader. Beauty, a great smile, and a skimpy outfit are absolute musts for these gals. It’s a tough life, skating and pushing, in next to nothing. They must be a lot colder than the actual players who get to wear real uniforms.

Work That Uniform, Ice Girl

Apparently, many ice girls are not allowed to be with the players on the team. There is no fraternization allowed. If a player walks into a room, the ice girl has to leave it. If an ice girl is at dinner and a player walks into that restaurant, the ice girl has to leave her meal and go.


When ice girls would go out together, they would usually put one girl on alert to make sure the coast was clear and no players were coming to interrupt their meals. You can imagine that in a small town that this would get old pretty fast.

Seriously, These Ice Girls’ Uniforms Are So Cute

Ice girls even have to wear these skimpy uniforms outdoors in 20-degree weather for 6 to 9 hours a day for certain events. That’s pretty intense. You can bet these girls are tough as nails to get through days like those. How do they manage to look so sweet and cute during all that hard work?


They must have some kind of special tricks to help them from freezing because even the most hardened of men would find themselves shivering in such a condition. Not to mention, in addition, to look cute they are actually on skates the entire time. Impressive!

But They Aren’t the Only Hotties on Ice

And for those that love to see handsome men look no further, there are also men who display their many talents on the ice. Of course, there are plenty of male ice dancers or figure skaters around, too. For their admirers, these handsome guys are just as enticing in their own kind of skintight uniforms.


Of course, the majority of these guys undergo lots of strength training in addition to their skating practice which means they are all super in shape. Just watch a male skater as he effortlessly moves across the ice – his muscles move with every glided step. Wow!



Alright guys, let’s get this out of the way quickly. Yes, they are all incredibly flexible. These women are also some of the most gifted athletes in the world. The things they can do with their bodies is simply amazing and it takes a lot of dedication that often includes workouts seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The outfits are also incredibly form-fitting and they really sizzle when stretched to the max during competitions. Can you believe that some people have even had the audacity to criticize gymnast bodies? Often these women have been training for the majority of their lives to get to the point where they are now!

On To the Gymnastic Uniforms

Gymnastics is a demanding sport that requires physical strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, control, power, and agility. Gymnastic uniforms must be form-fitting, comfortable, and extremely flexible. Of course, their costumes are also made primarily of spandex or other kinds of stretchy material very similar to that of figure skaters.


The athletic event got its start in Ancient Greece, where most gymnastics competitions were done in the nude. Yowza. Although back then, it was men only who competed. Of course, the men who compete in gymnastics are also totally ripped. That must have been quite a sight for the eyes to behold.

She’s Very Responsive To the Flight Attendant Call Button


While you might not get lucky enough to land one of these beauties in flight, you might be able to have your own air adventure with whomever you choose to travel with. Of course, it’s probably best to know the person first and not meet them in flight. If you’re interested in joining the infamous “Mile High Club,” here are some tips that can help you avoid getting caught.

Travel at night, fly in first class, have a few drinks, and plan to meet up (separately) in the bathroom. And remember, flexibility is key here. Also, be forewarned that most airplane bathrooms are an extremely tight fit so good luck with that!

Richard Branson’s Mile High Club Story

Speaking of meeting someone in flight … did you know that Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic Airways’ billionaire owner, claims to have joined the Mile High Club when he was just 19? The woman was a complete stranger, and Branson found out afterward that she was married.

flight attendant.jpg

The two never pursued a relationship beyond their one in-flight bathroom fling. Surely, she never knew that her in-air hookup would one day go on to be such a notable world character. Recently, President Obama was seen taking a vacation with Richard on his private island. Apparently, he was even able to convince the former Pres to go kite surfing!

Be All that You Can Be


Military uniforms have existed since as far back as militaries existed. Over the years, the uniforms have been altered in order to reflect societies most recent technology. Here in the United States, military uniforms seem to regularly get a slight makeover in order to keep with the times and keep our soldiers safe.

Of course, some things remain traditional especially the “dress” the military uniform. Military uniforms in the United States also vary drastically based on the branch of military and can be typically indicated by color. Of course, this model is definitely not showcasing an official army uniform but we don’t think any actual military members would complain!

Female Soldiers In Uniform

Sexy soldiers in uniforms? While we don’t typically think of females in combat gear as wearing sexy outfits, these women show us that they are not hiding behind their camouflage but embracing it. In other parts of the world like Lebanon or Israel, military service is mandatory even for women. Even supermodel Bar Rafaeli was required to serve.

female soldiers.jpg

However, she managed to dodge the draft allegedly by marrying a family friend. Their clothing is definitely more form-fitting than other female soldiers in different parts of the world. It’s also sexy that these women hold a level of authority and skill that many men can’t even touch. You’ll never look at soldiers the same way again.

Olé For Ballet!

Think ballet is an easy “sport”? Think again! It takes roughly the same amount of energy to dance a ballet as it does to play two full football matches. Ballerinas are incredibly dedicated to their profession, and train for hours each day. Not to mention have you ever seen the torture ballerinas go through to be able to go “en pointe” meaning “on their toes”?


Often, poor dancer’s feet are significantly affected with bruised and broken feet just to get the perfect form for their dances. Actress Zoe Saldana famously played a ballerina in the epic dance film Center Stage.

Tutu From The Rear

This look is revealing yet classy at the same time. Ballet has been around for nearly 500 years, and the first full-scale ballet was performed in Paris (France) on October 15, 1581. Tutus can be made of tarlatan, muslin, silk, tulle, gauze, or nylon. The specialized skirts can take a long time to make, depending on how elaborate the design is.


In the film Black Swan, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman play two extremely beautiful ballerinas who even share a love scene. In real life Natalie went on to marry the real life male ballerina who starred in the film and the two just welcomed their second child together.

College Uniforms Are Wonderful Too


According to a 2013 ESPN article, “There’s no question [that uniforms] play a role in the recruiting process. They’ve become an integral part of the college [athletic] experience, woven into the fabric of recruiting…. New uniforms make coaches downright giddy as they hit the recruiting trail.”

Basically, the better the uniform the better the chances of recruiting. Of course, it’s not only volleyball that uses this recruiting tactic, but this is not in sports across the board. The thinking behind it goes a little bit like college kids are going to want to look good both on and off the field.

Time To Appreciate Some Volleyball

The game of volleyball was invented by a man named William G. Morgan in 1895. Morgan was actually YMCA physical education director when he made up the game. The sport was originally referred to as “mintonette,” and was meant to be a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball and was to be played indoors.


Originally. Morgan intended it to be able to be played by any number of players. Nowadays court volleyball is intended to be played by teams of six. The first official ball was created sometime between 1896 and 1900 and rules have fluctuated over the years as well.

I Love a Good Net Sport. What’s Not To Love?


In 1995, the sport of volleyball celebrated its 100th birthday! That’s a big party. We guarantee that a ton of lithe ladies showed up for the celebration in their teeny little volleyball uniforms. Hope someone took a lot of photos. The same year, the YMCA opened a Volleyball Hall of Fame.

It’s pretty interesting that the YMCA had a direct hand in the invention of the sport. Volleyball was first brought into the Olympics back in 1924 but it wasn’t until 1996 that beach volleyball was brought to the Olympics. Of course, for beach volleyball players their uniform pretty much consists of a swimsuit you’d see on the beach.

Action Shots of Uniforms


As you can tell from these women’s figures, volleyball does an amazing job of toning players from head to toe. An hour of playing volleyball burns more than 600 calories. That’s what we call an effective workout. The ladies are fit and athletic and quite often many of them, especially the beach volleyball girls, also go one to become fitness models repping for various well-known brands.

The great thing about volleyball is that it doesn’t only have to be competitive but can also be played recreationally for fun. Of course, you too can be afforded the same effects if you play often enough.

One More Volleyball Player


Volleyball does it all. Playing it helps strengthen the upper body as well as the muscles of the behind, thighs, and lower legs. Have you ever seen a volleyball girl’s shapely legs and behind? The sport also provides a great cardiovascular workout, which leads to better circulation as well as a big boost in energy.

Even older adults can benefit greatly from picking up a volleyball and tossing it around, as cardio is always extremely important for heart health. Win-win, right? Volleyball certainly sounds like a great way to work out and have a good time all at one time.

Real Golfer, Unreal Uniform


The sport of golf is known to be pretty conservative when it comes to dress codes. The idea of golfing attire certainly brings one particular way of dressing in mind – typically men in pastel colors including slacks, polo shirts, and a tweed golf cap.

And although men and women are loosening up a little when it comes to golf attire, many courses adhere to strict dress policies. This woman, in her pink (and slightly revealing) outfit, would likely not be allowed to visit many golf courses. Their loss, right? Of course, maybe all the other golfers would be more than happy to host her.

One of the Most #Blessed Tennis Players in the World


Tennis players are definitely known to show off some skin and for good reason. They have some of the most enviable figures around. All that playing sure does a body good… Champion tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams are known to rock some pretty outlandish outfits on the courts.

However, unlike some other sports, this is totally not out of the norm as the majority of tennis players definitely rock some super tight outfits with tiny micro mini pleated skirts. Of course, the many tennis fans across the globe certainly aren’t complaining. Although many of these men and women are absolutely stunning in the looks department, it’s not be forgotten that they are also tremendous athletes.

Get Back on Track


There is something compelling about a track runner. Science backs this up: “After all, a new study of marathoners suggests that endurance running ability signals high reproductive potential…” This, of course, probably has much to do with the level of health that runners are able to maintain.

Runners come in a variety of body shapes due to their rigorous training. There is the long and lithe long distance runner and there is also the extremely shapely short distance sprinter with beautiful and powerful legs. This is another sport everyone can take part in on some level. You might not win any races but you will certainly get yourself in excellent shape if you train for track.

Mental Focus and Preparation… Running Uniforms Are Amazing


Runners need to be able to move around comfortably in their uniforms and also require an outfit that works with outdoor weather conditions. This woman, for instance, is about to compete in the athletic contest of her life. Which heat do you think she’ll run in? A dash? The long jump?

She could also be running hurdles or a relay. It’s just hard to tell. More than likely due to her muscular legs, she has probably developed the muscles from running powerful shorter distance races. One this is for certain, she is in absolutely magnificent shape. Makes you want to take up running, doesn’t it?

More Track & Field

There’s something sexy about a track & field uniform. It’s just revealing enough to show some skin, but runners, javelin throwers, and high jumpers are also powerful and independent. There’s also something strong and appealing about a female athlete sporting this look.

More Track & Field

Plus, the uniform is usually skin tight — showing off all of an athlete’s hard-earned and unique curves. Not to mention, usually, these different events take place outdoors in the hot sun. There is nothing like seeing some well-defined muscles glistening in the sun after a hard-won race! You might chase after them after seeing these outfits but you’ll probably never catch them.

Beach Volleyball Girls


Ah, beautiful women in bathing suits diving around in the sand. We already covered regular court volleyball, but what about their beach counterpart? This one might even be higher up on the beauty list. There isn’t a sport that was built more for gorgeous outfits than beach volleyball. There’s a very standard type of uniform for this sport and it’s always revealing and eye-opening.

The beach, sun, and beautiful women — it’s no wonder this event always draws a big crowd at the Summer Olympics. These girls are in fantastic shape from their constant work in the sand but they are also tanned to perfection from the hot sun.

Surfer Girls

Surfer Girls

Surfers wear bathing suits and we are a fan of that choice. They also jump on big and often dangerous waves and then ride them. They have amazing balance, they are toned and they wear revealing outfits that glisten in the water.

These are some of the most talented athletes in the world and we salute them for their skills and their choice in swimwear. Surfers also have an automatic hot reputation. Who remembers the movie Blue Crush? Actresses Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez star in this film as women surfers and they both rock their hottest bods ever for the roles!

Field Hockey

Field hockey uniforms are not as revealing as some of the others on our list but there’s something fun and exciting about watching a bunch of girls chase down a ball in an open field. The sport is physical and the shorts and shirts are just short and tight enough to make the outfits sexy.

Field Hockey

Check out a field hockey match and we’re sure you will agree. Field hockey also takes a certain kind of girl to be willing to get rough on the field. Kind of like the female version of rugby! For those who like their women aggressive, this is probably the sport for you!



Lifeguards! They save our lives and they look amazing doing it. There’s something both iconic and sexy about their form-fitting one-piece bathing suits and we can’t get over their swimmer bodies. From Baywatch to your local beach, let’s all observe a moment of silence in celebration of the lifeguard.

When you do let’s reflect on the sight of a buxom Pam Anderson running in slow motion down the beach with her super fit bod in a tight red one piece?! Okay, that’s enough silence – now let’s hit the water. If only all the lifeguards looked like beautiful Pam.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Yoga pants? Yoga shorts? Anything yoga is cool with us. The instructors in these classes tend to be physically fit and they wear weird body-hugging clothing that we can’t get enough of. Not only do yogis achieve a zen-like state, they also achieve super fantastic bodies! As an added bonus, yoga clothes are also super comfortable for the women who decide to wear them.

This is a truly win-win choice for everyone. A lot of people complain that leggings are not pants but have you ever worn yoga leggings? They are amazingly comfortable and also show off the figure quite nicely. Surely, passersby won’t complain about this super fit look.



The Tilted Kilt, Hooters, Show-Me’s, there are a ton of restaurants these days that love to celebrate the female figure. If you are a waitress in one of these locations you’ll be wearing skimpy work uniforms that really only cover up just enough of your skin to stay relatively decent for visiting families.

While the uniforms vary for instant Hooters has the famous uniform of a white tank top and orange shorts, the sentiment remains the same. The concept behind these racy eateries has worked to the tune of hundreds of millions in annual sales among thousands of locations. Yowza!

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are known for being beautiful. Back in the day, they were called stewardesses and they wore really skimpy, revealing outfits. The Houston Chronicle says that “Appearance was very important.

Stewardesses had to be female, white, between the ages of 21 and 26, between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh no more than 135 pounds. They were also required to be single, meaning never married, divorced or widowed.” Wow! Our laws today would certainly never allow for such discrimination while applying for a job or at the very least there would be a major outrage.

Modern Times

Now, just a few airlines require their female flight attendants to wear form-fitting uniforms. For the most part, flight attendant uniforms are pretty standard. Not to mention, gender neutral. Nowadays it is just as likely to have a man on your flight as it is to see a woman.

Modern Times

However, perhaps a company like Hooters would be interesting to take their shtick to the air. But maybe they should consider bringing them back; I bet male customers would be pretty happy to see that! Seeing how successful various chains like Hooters are here on the ground certainly they would achieve the same success if not even more when they take to the skies!

Frequent Flyer?


Flight attendants have been famously known for their various uniforms. Especially, because at one time they were known as stewardesses and in order to become one you had to be a very attractive woman. Of course, this has changed over the years and ultimately men were also allowed to become flight attendants.

In 2016, British Airways started allowing their female flight attendants to wear pants. In a statement, the airline said “Our Mixed Fleet team wears the ‘ambassador’ British Airways uniform. While trousers are not a standard part of this uniform, colleagues wishing to wear them can request this through their manager.”

What’s Going On Here?


The Mile High Club isn’t all it’s chalked up to be. Some airlines have even had to make special rules about the whole thing after numerous ordeals on flights. For instance, in 2007, Singapore Airlines had to ban people from attempting to join the “Mile High Club” on its Airbus A380 fleet.

The plane’s first class cabins have double beds, and passengers were taking wild advantage of the setup. Since the cabins aren’t soundproof, however, the airline asked passengers to cut out the naughty in-flight behavior. Imagine if you were attempting to travel with children? Yikes! That would definitely be one way to teach your kid about the birds and the bees!

At Ease, Soldier!


What about the military uniforms?! Both men and women get decked out in their military finest and make people swoon around the globe. Check out this service woman uniform. While military uniforms are usually dark in color, and a plain non-revealing fabric, these women still have a strong beauty about them. But these ladies have spruced up their ensembles a little for their photo shoots.

For starters, there’s no way that thigh-high stockings and a visible garter belt are regulation. They still manage to look lovely nonetheless.There was recently a well-publicized scandal about scantily clad military photos. Hope these military members don’t get in hot water for this!

Bud Light Girls

Bud Light Girls

When you want to sell a ton of beer to drunk college guys, sad businessmen, and pretty much anyone else, you turn to the Bud Light girls, the Red Bull girls, and various other energy and alcohol-fueled female spokesmodels. They are sexy, they give you free alcohol or various other products, and they wear clothing that leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

While their uniforms change from brand to brand, they all tend to be exciting to watch. These girls are really hired to be “promotional models” which means they are basically there to promote the party! Other beer and alcohol companies have their own version of the costumes that are just as gorgeous!

The Wrestling Singlet


The wrestling singlet is pretty well known when you see it. It sure has a distinctive look! The uniforms have to be light-weight, form-fitting, and flexible. A singlet definitely has all of those qualities. Of course, the uniform shows off the majority of a guy’s body and you can absolutely make out all of the greatest parts of his body.

Not to mention, by the end of a match they are totally soaked drenched in sweat. Obviously, due to all the rigorous training these guys are also in excellent shape. These guys aren’t wearing any head protection at all! They had better watch out for those cauliflower ears.

This Isn’t World Wrestling Entertainment!


Is that an illegal hold? You have to admit, that’s a pretty hot photo. Wonder if the dude in navy intended to cup his opponent that way, or if it was a surprise to both of them. Wrestling in general has always been kind of an erotic sport.

The grunting, the constant manhandling, the two bodies pressed up tightly against one another… Yep, wrestling is definitely a hot sport! It’s pretty interesting, however, that men don’t fight it erotic as well but rather a super manly sport to engage in. If you have ever wrestled you know it takes a ton of strength to be successful.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Also known as the Mounties, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the “Royal Gendarmerie of Canada serves the Canadian community on two levels, both federally and nationally. Their uniform consists of a really attractive, distinctive uniforms. The RCMP uniforms even have their own names, and are called the “Review Order” or the “Red Serge.”


Just look at those red jackets – they look like they’re universally flattering! The Mounties were started back in 1904 and they already had their distinctive red uniform. The uniform is also super distinguished looking, so you can’t help but gaze in awe at the men and women in uniform. Oh yeah, women have been able to join since back in 1974.

Women Love Their Mounted Policemen — They are Famously Hot


Plenty of people find the Mounties attractive. One Canadian paper writes that “their suave appearance hasn’t gone unnoticed, with their uniform placing among the top five most lip-licking, lust-inducing accouterments in North America, as voted by members of Uniformdating.com.” Hmmm.

So there is a site dedicated purely to those who love men and women in uniform?! Wow! Canadians are also known as some of the nicest and politest people in the world, so it definitely makes sense why someone would fantasize about Mounties. Women also often love policemen in general so the combination is nearly irresistible. We back the red!

Hard Hats and Hard Bodies

Some guys have the hardest jobs you can imagine! Construction workers are stereotyped as being “hot” a lot. All that physical labor does sure seem to help in the formation of toned and strong bodies… and they are good at erecting more than just buildings.


It’s a tough job but SOMEBODY has to do it. Of course, the idea of a guy’s ripped body and glistening muscles might just be the fantasy world of construction workers. If you have seen your local construction worker they might not actually look quite like this specimen, but a gal can dream, can’t she?!

I Want To Be Your…

Sledgehammer! Remember the Peter Gabriel song “Sledgehammer?” “I want to be your sledgehammer why don’t you call my name you’d better call the sledgehammer put your mind at rest.” This is probably not what Peter Gabriel had in mind, but hey we can use our imaginations right?

ISHAP Baukalender 2011 - Boys July

Again, this guy seems to have just stepped off the screen of Magic Mike as opposed to laying down the local highway. Actually, the construction worker trope is almost always a costume at your local male review. But does it really matter if he is a real construction worker or not? Look at him!

Step Right up, Folks! Don’t Be Shy!


What was your favorite part of the circus? The clowns? The animals? The acrobats? Or all the junk food? This costume reminds us of the Britney Spears era where she donned a lion tamer costume for her aptly titled album Circus. Of course, a lion tamer in real life certainly has a very risky job.

Even famous lion tamers Siegfried and Roy were not immune to getting attacked by one of their giant cats. In 2003, Roy was mauled by their seven-year-old tiger. He miraculously lived but has to endure effects from the injuries for the rest of his life. In 2010, the two retired from show business.

Crack that Whip! Amazing Circus Uniforms

This uniform is not from the circus I grew up on! The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was founded in 1919, and it’s guaranteed they didn’t have any outfits like these back then. She sure looks like she can keep the lions, tigers, and bears at bay in this hot getup.


Meow! Nothing says “lion tamer” like thigh-high fishnets and a tiny little hat. After all of the years, the circus has announced that this year will be their last due to dwindling numbers and the show is said to be closing later this year in May of 2017.

Let’s Not Leave out the Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks aren’t really known for being very appealing or attractive. Well, unless you are into big lumbering men, which let’s face it, a lot of people are! But if you are into a different thing entirely these two hot lumberjacks might just change your mind about that! Presenting two lady lumberjacks who look absolutely stunning in their uniforms.

Let’s Not Leave out the Lumberjacks

This hot lady can chop down my forest anytime. She is more than ready to cut lumber with that lean and toned body. And she looks like she enjoys having a good time while she’s at work… I bet she works and plays equally hard.

Lady Lumber


Her outfit has all the requirements of a lumberjack uniform: red plaid flannel shirt, overalls, warm hat, and that all-important axe. But somehow she makes the look hot rather than burly! We can’t help but think that this costume would certain make it difficult to actually go into the woods and chop lumber.

There is probably a reason actual lumberjacks where a bit more clothing than this. However, this might work if she just wants to chop fire wood in the backyard. Not to mention the neighbors probably wouldn’t mind a sight like this … but their wives just might!



Admittedly, we didn’t expect to see the job of a chocolatier on our list but these sexy women in uniform changed our mind very quickly. It really does make a lot of sense since chocolate can be one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world.

Throw in a sexy uniform, beautiful women, and finger licking good food and you had us at chocolate. Anybody remember the Johnny Depp film Chocolat? Johnny Depp was often one of the top sex symbols in the world. Imagining him as a choclatier doesn’t hurt either! Either way, just give us the chocolate!

Sensuous Cowgirls

At the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas, you can learn all about the history of cowgirls. You probably won’t find any like the girls in these pictures, however. Cowgirls have been around just as long as cowboys of the history.


One girl definitely not like the one pictured that is honored in the museum is Sandra Day O’Connor. Sandra also went on to become a Supreme Court Justice nominated by Ronald Reagan. Sandra was from El Paso and grew up on a ranch until ultimately going to law school. She ended up retiring from the esteemed court in 2005.

That Ain’t No Bull


Dale Evans was an accomplished musician and one of the most famous cowgirls around. This is what she had to say about cowhands of the female persuasion: “’Cowgirl’ is an attitude really. A pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage.

The cowgirl faces life head-on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls take stands; they speak up. They defend things they hold dear.” Cowgirls are the type of woman to take no bull, and also due to their rough and rugged life style, have super fit figures! Who wants to go down to the local honky tonk?!