Two Women Who “Look Similar” Have Much, Much More In Common

When Rachelle Dyer moved across the country, she left her entire family and twin sister behind. At least, that’s what she thought. Her new life in Virginia would unravel a 50-year-long family secret that shattered everything Rachelle knew about her identity.

Had Rachelle moved anywhere else in the world, this wouldn’t have happened. Had she not gotten a job at a particular school, she would have never learned about her identity. Learn the miraculous story that has inspired and gobsmacked thousands of people across the internet.

The Move That Started It All

Rachelle Dyer toasting with her second husband
Facebook/Rachelle Dyer
Facebook/Rachelle Dyer

In 2004, Rachelle Arthur Dyer packed up her belongings to make a life-changing move. For years, she had worked as an elementary school teacher in Seattle, Washington. Rachelle had grown up in this city, but she decided to move across the country to Virginia Beach in Virginia.

Rachelle was leaving all her family and friends behind, except for her husband. However, Virginia Beach held a secret connection that Rachelle could never have anticipated.