The Love Story Of Twin Sisters Who Married Twin Brothers And Moved Into The Same House

A typical love story usually involves a boy and a girl who fall in love, get married and start a family. However, in the case of Josh and Jeremy Salyers and their wives, Brittany and Briana Dean, it was a shared experience. This is because Josh and Jeremy are identical twin brothers and Brittany and Briana are identical twin sisters. The two couples met each other at the same time, got engaged at the same time, and even moved into the same house together. Read on for a peek at what their lives are like!

Brittany And Briana Shared Everything Their Whole Lives

Brittany and Briana dressed for Halloween

Chances are that few people have the same kind of bond that identical twins share. They shared the same womb, they look alike, and they even have similar memories from growing up together and experiencing the same things.

So, it’s not unusual that a pair of twins would have similar personalities, tastes, and needs. However, Brittany and Briana took things a step further when they made the decision to marry two identical twin brothers.