These TV Shows That Were Were Given The Axe Too Soon

Every year networks have to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel TV shows. Some of these shows, like Criminal Minds, have been on the air for years, while others, like The Passage, barely get one season to set sail. These TV casualties join a long list of shows that said their final good-byes before we were ready. Here are all the shows that got canceled that we wish were given one more season to really shine.

Criminal Minds

criminal minds canceled 2019

After 14 seasons on CBS, the plug was finally pulled on Criminal Minds. The show premiered in 2005 and averaged 19 million viewers an episode in its first season. By the time the 14th season began airing, viewership was down to just over four million.

Casting upheaval in the last few seasons of the show led viewers to turn it off. Not knowing what characters might stay and which ones might leave left everyone on edge. At the end of the day, it was no surprise Criminal Minds closed its final case in 2019.