TV Show: Partridge Family

One of the most loved shows on television during the early 1970’s was “The Partridge Family.” Audiences across America were captivated by the singing family for the four seasons it ran, and the show won some prestigious accolades along the way, including a Grammy nomination, five Golden Globe nominations, and some very high ratings.

Are you a fan of The Partridge Family? If so, we’ve compiled a list of some little-known facts and fun trivia about the actors.

Shirley Partridge Or Carol Brady?


Shirley Jones played Shirley Partridge, the mother of the Partridge family.” She also had the opportunity to play another timeless television mother character, as she was previously offered the role of Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch.

In the end, as appealing as the offer was, Jones identified more with the character of Shirley Partridge and decided that was the best role for her. Her character was also recognized as one of the first working mothers on television, not a bad title to have.