TV Show: Charlie’s Angels (1970s)

One of the biggest TV shows of the 1970s was Charlie’s Angels. It was a crime drama that featured three beautiful women solving crimes. The show deliberately played up to the sex appeal of it stars and was, for the first couple of seasons at least, a smash hit and one of the 10 most watched shows in America. Charlie’s Angels finally came to an end after its fifth season in 1981 but it continues to have a huge underground following and is regularly placed in reruns around the world and is available on DVD for fans to purchase. Here are some of the most interesting facts you should definitely know about Charlie’s Angels.

It Almost Didn’t Get Made At All

When Aaron Spelling proposed Charlie’s Angels to executives at ABC; it hit a brick wall immediately. The network loathed the idea of a female-led action series and even said that it was the worst idea that they’d ever heard. If Spelling didn’t have a spare $25,000 to spend at his own discretion — the pilot might never have been made.