Totally Offensive Vintage Ads: How Did These Ever Get The Green Light?

If you thought today was brutal when it comes to the scrutiny women face in the media, these vintage advertisements have pretty much said, “Hold my beer.” Whether its overt racism, flat-out sexism, or going as far as encouraging spousal abuse, these offensive vintage ads would never fly today. Did they even fly back then?

Flip N’ Offend


It’s unclear exactly what Panasonic was hoping to achieve with this Flip ‘N Style hair dryer advertisement. Maybe they’ve sold so many units to people who already had hair that they had to tap into the market of those struggling with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. Either way, it’s just plain wrong.

Even weirder, the ad copy suggests that these hair dryers would make good replacement teddy bears. “It comes in three terrific colors to go with any bedspread.” And that you can use it to dry your fingernails “if your hasn’t grown in.” We assume someone lost their job over this bizarre ad campaign.