Top Secret Places You Shouldn’t Dare To Visit

The world is full of places that curious adventurers are free to explore but that doesn’t include the handful of places that will forever remain a secret. From islands in Australia to our very own United States, there are some locations that have been shrouded in mystery for many years. Places like the Vatican’s Secret Archives and North Sentinel Island are known to exist, but we will never truly know what they’re hiding since no human is allowed to set foot on the premises. A mythical Russian subway line and a valuable location in America– these are the most secretive places you’ll never be able to visit.

North Brother Island Is Off-Limits

secret places new york north brother island
Jay Gorman/Flickr
Jay Gorman/Flickr

The state of New York prohibits anyone from visiting North Brother Island. What may or may not be on that island remains a secret but what we do know is the fact that it used to be the home of Riverside Hospital. The hospital was built to house highly contagious patients and later it was used to care for military veterans, and heroin addicts after that. But since then, the hospital has fallen apart.

Because of North Brother Island’s history, New York doesn’t want people setting foot on it but there might be a more sinister reason why.