Too Old? These Actors Played Teenagers As Adults!

In Hollywood, there may be no truer saying than “age is just a number.” For as long as the movie industry has produced stories about teenagers, they have cast adults in many of those roles. The reasons for this vary. Movie magic can hide a lot. How old do you think Emma Thompson was when she played a 19-year-old in Sense and Sensibility? Leonardo DiCaprio was closer to 30 than 16 for one of his most famous roles! The following actors all played character’s well under their real-life age in some of the most popular TV show’s and movies ever made. For comparison, we’ve placed their TV or movie characters next to real-life photos taken around the same time period as their starring roles

Emily Kinney In The Walking Dead

AMC and Erika Goldring/FilmMagic
AMC and Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

Season two of The Walking Dead introduced the character of Beth, daughter of Hershel Greene and sister to Maggie. At the time she was cast, Kinney was 26-years-old. Her character on the show was 16. We were shocked when we found out how old Kinney really was!

Since her departure from the show in 2015, Kinney has stayed busy in genre television, making guest appearances on Arrow and The Flash. And of course, with her youthful look still going strong at 33-years-old, she even made one last Walking Dead appearance in Rick Grimes’ final episode.