Today’s Biggest Actors Have Starred In Some Terrible Movies

Hollywood is a movie-making machine and we wouldn’t have it any other way because honestly, what else would we do with our spare time? There’s nothing quite like hunkering down to watch the latest releases…but sometimes even movies with star-studded casts leave us disappointed.

These are the finest actors of our time, but despite their talent, these movies blew the big one. Join us as we take a look at cinema flops that boasted big names in the acting line-up.

Tom Hanks – The Ladykillers (2004)

Photo via Touchstone Pictures
Photo via Touchstone Pictures

Tom Hanks is one of the biggest stars of today and has worked tirelessly since the ’80s to build his Hollywood reputation, but even Hanks isn’t immune to the odd flop. When 2004’s The Ladykillers premiered, it split audiences down the middle.

Critics weren’t overly impressed by the period comedy. The Village Voice wasn’t nice about it, stating, “There’s the mind-numbing oompah rhythm of every gag telegraphed and every joke pounded into the ground.” The Coen brothers remake was based on the 1955 movie that did considerably better. Luckily for Tom, it didn’t damage his career in the slightest.