This Is What Children Of The World’s Evilest Men Are Up To Now

Evil parents are the worst, but evil children can really cause the world some issues, too. These disgruntled children are the heirs of horrible (and wealthy) men and women, and this is what they’re doing today.

Nicu Ceaușescu: A Dictator’s Son

Nicu Ceaușescu: A Dictator’s Son

Nicu Ceaușescu is the son of the most hated Romanian dictator of all time, Nicolae Ceaușescu. Nicu is almost hated as much as his father for being a rapist and an alcoholic. The dictator was imprisoned for over 20 years due to the fact that he was holding child prisoners.

Although Nicu was the youngest child of his father, he was considered to be the heir apparent most likely due to his nature. Interestingly, it is alleged that Nicu was also good friends with Uday Hussein, the son of fellow dictator Saddam Hussein. Because of his alcoholism, he developed cirrhosis of the liver which he died from at age forty-five in Vienna.

Zoia and Valentin Ceaușescu

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Zoia Ceaușescu was the daughter of the communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu. Zoia grew up to become a mathematician. She specialized in functional analysis. Zoia lived until 2006 when she died from lung cancer at the age fifty-seven. Zoia’s brother, Valentin Ceaușescu, is the only living child of Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena.

Valentin grew up to become a physicist. He is not involved with politics although along with other members of his family was arrested during the Romania Revolution in the 1980s. He said that he was able to watch the trial of his parents on television, which culminated in their execution.