Things You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas Showgirls

When we think of Las Vegas most of us think of glittering lights, busy casinos, cocktails, and most importantly, showgirls. The Vegas showgirl is synonymous with the allure of the thriving metropolis and has been ever since the early 21st century. But these girls are much more than feathers and glitter — and you might be surprised at what goes into being one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. From the strict entry requirements to the unbelievable value of the incredible costumes, take a look at the glamorous lives of Las Vegas showgirls.

They’ve Always Been Closely Associated To The Mob

Photo by SSPL/Getty Images
Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

Working in Las Vegas sees you mix with the dark underbelly of the city of sin. In the ’40s and ’50s, the mob was still largely in control and would often party with showgirls. Some of them would become the mistresses of married men, or if they were lucky, rub shoulders with the likes of Frank Sinatra.

Veteran former showgirl Lisa Malouf Medford told The Washington Post that while at times it felt dangerous, she missed those days. “I loved the mob,” she confessed. “I loved those days. They protected you.” Medford wasn’t the only one to long for times past either, with many sharing her sentiment.