They’re Just Like Us! The Fittest Stars On The Planet, Eating Fast Food

One would think that in order for celebrities to stay in shape, they’d have to not only work out regularly, but also follow a strict diet. So fast food is off the menu, right? Wrong! Even some of the fittest stars (including supermodels!) sneak in some fries, burgers, and nuggets from time to time… and some more often than you’d imagine. Most of these hungry stars aren’t even trying to hide their naughty noshing, and many post photos of themselves indulging. Here are some of the fittest stars on the planet eating fast food.

Guess which iconic star reportedly spends millions on fast food each year!

Fashion Week Snack

article-2249945-1690C689000005DC-849_634x669 2.jpg

Cara Delevingne may be a supermodel and actress, but that doesn’t prevent her from chowing down on fast food now and then. She must have an affinity for burgers because here she’s seen taking a bite out of an In-N- Out burger (a West Coast chain). There are also a number of pics out there of her eating McDonald’s. One such photo was taken during fashion week with the caption “My food is faster than yours!!! #fashionweekdietplan@officialjdunn.” She even wore a full hamburger suit for an event. How she manages to eat like that and still remain so runway ready is a mystery.