These Women Are Considered To Be The Most Beautiful In the World

It’s hard to really pin down what it means to be beautiful. It can be a pretty subjective term, and everyone has their own styles and opinions.

However, we can usually get a good idea of what the world at large considers beautiful. Here we attempt to showcase just a few of the talented women across the world who have made a tremendous mark with their beauty, but who have also turned it into a successful career in whatever profession they’ve gone into.

Mozhdah Jamalzadah


At a young age, Mozhdah’s family fled from the civil war in Afghanistan. From there on, her family decided to settle in Canada. Once they cross the pond, she was introduced to music.

Eventually, Dokhtare Afghan (Afghan Girl) became an instant hit on TV stations back in her home country. Since breaking out big, she has won several awards and began hosting television shows. Most recently she acted in Red Snow, a drama film.