These Wild, Over-The-Top Bloody Marys Went Way Too Far

A Bloody Mary is never a simple drink, but man did we really underestimate just how complicated they could be. Here we thought all we needed was some tomato juice, hot sauce, olives, and a classic celery stick. Nope! These Bloody Marys are absolutely out of control. Garnished with entire chickens, cheeseburgers, nachos, and even sushi, has the perfect brunch cocktail spiraled into something completely insane? We’re seriously questioning if chefs have lost their minds or if our hangovers really are that bad. Has Instagram culture taken the Bloody Mary a few steps too far?

Bacon Me Crazy

00 donut2.jpg

It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s everything you could ask for in a brunch cocktail. It’s a little bit indulgent with rashers of fatty bacon and a little bit sweet, with two sugared doughnut holes. Let’s not forget this treat is also packed with booze. Does anything get better than this?