These Truly Bizarre Things Could Only Happen At Walmart

It’s no secret that a lot highly questionable things have been known to go down at Walmart. Whether it’s the strange items that are for sale or the customers who are buying them, there’s never a dull moment in or around a Walmart. Check out some of the craziest things ever captured at a Walmart, including some really questionable parenting techniques.


Nothing much to see here, folks. Just a woman with one of the wildest hair-dos ever browsing for some batteries at Walmart. The reaction on the man’s face driving by says it all. At the end of the day, that hair is nothing short of impressive and must have taken numerous years for it to get to that level.


We hope that she had some hair product in her basket because it looks like she can use all the help she can get. Somebody also might want to check and make sure that she doesn’t have anything stuffed inside of that hair of hers because she could fit almost anything in there.

A True Fashion Statement

In all honesty, this man was probably the most stylish person in Walmart when this picture was taken. Clearly, he must have been sporting this look for a while for his hair to have gotten that long, and for it to be as full as it is. We wonder if he shaves any other part of his body to pull off this look or if it’s just all natural.

By the looks of it, he seems relatively used to having pictures taken of him which is understandable because that’s not something you see every day. Something tells us that his wife isn’t the biggest fan of his style, but to each his own!

Waiting Patiently

This guy was on a trip to Walmart when he noticed that the “P” at the beginning of the word pharmacy was about to fall off. So, he did what any smart Walmart patron would do. He stood below the P for the next few hours, praying that it would fall and hit him so that he could sue Walmart.

We respect this guy’s dedication to doing absolutely nothing in hopes that he might get rich. We’re sure that he wasn’t the only Walmart customer to see this and have the idea. But he might have been the only one desperate enough to actually try.

Walmart and Chill

Here we see your typical bored husband in his natural habitat. He either agreed to go or was dragged along to Walmart for a shopping trip that he wants no part in. This man found his way to the sofa chair section, used a box to climb up onto the second shelf, and made himself at home.

He could not be more relaxed. Either his wife will expect him to be there or she’s in for a good surprise.

Traffic Jam

What we have here is a classic traffic jam situation at any Walmart on any given day. It has to be pretty hectic trying to get around in a store with all of those people riding around in those electric carts. It’s relatively dangerous, and there’s probably a traffic jam in this picture because there might have been a fender bender between two of the customers.


The real question is how many of the scooters do they have available because it looks like everyone in the store is using one, and they don’t seem like the most patient bunch.

Who Drinks Grape Fanta?

With billions of people on social media these days, some individuals can’t help but turn everything into a photo op. Going to a funeral? Selfie. Going to Walmart? PHOTO OP! What better location to pose for a picture than the potato chip and sugary beverage aisle?

woman in walmart

But although this woman is clearly beautiful, this photo just leaves us with more questions than before. Why is she wearing sunglasses inside? What is the meaning of life? Who drinks grape Fanta?

Sometimes You Just Need To Let Your Hair Down

Life is stressful. Between work, taking care of your family, and paying your bills, it’s important to take some time for yourself and relax. You know, really let your hair down. This lady has so much hair, she is probably letting her hair down all the time because there is no hair tie that could wrangle that.

In her defense, her locks look pretty healthy. This is especially impressive when you consider the longest parts of her hair have to be more than seven years old. We bet she was at Walmart stocking up on shampoo and conditioner!

Service Squirrel

Nothing says ‘sanitation’ like bringing a squirrel into Walmart. However, the squirrel does seem to be relatively trained just sitting on the man’s shoulder. Hopefully, the squirrel doesn’t go around crawling around on any of the food or clothing, because we’re pretty sure that it doesn’t have all of its shots yet.


We’re willing to bet that nobody told him that he couldn’t bring his squirrel into the store because Walmart is relatively well-known for not having too many rules regarding their customers. It’s one of those things that makes Walmart so appealing to some people.

Make Way For the Goat!

Here’s another example of a rather random animal roaming the aisles of a Walmart. Although this is certainly unusual, you can’t say that you would be incredibly surprised to see something like this. The question is what caused this man to actually bring his goat into the store.

Certainly, there could have been other steps taken to leave it at home instead of bringing it with him. You can probably find a goat sitter if you look hard enough. But who knows, maybe the goat just really likes going to Walmart! We can’t argue with that!


Wow, this kid must have seriously messed up the last time he went to Walmart. His mom is taking things to the next level and she’s clearly not taking any chances with him. We’re pretty sure that there are more humane ways to keep your kid in line, but if it works, it works.


As long as you keep a firm grip on the cart, that kid isn’t going anywhere and you won’t have to worry about him running away from you and maybe being bitten by a goat running around the aisles, or a squirrel with rabies.

Rookie Mistake

@HecksNawBro ran to grab something at Walmart and left his pizza unattended in his vehicle. Of course, the window was open just enough for somebody to reach in and snag a slice. Although we feel bad that this happened, you really should know better than to leave some fresh pizza by itself in the parking lot of a Walmart.

Those parking lots are a war zone. We also think that @HecksNawBro should count their blessings that the perp just took one slice when they easily could have taken everything if they wanted. It’s also surprising that they didn’t open any of the ranch or seasoning packets.

Bring Your Grandma To Walmart Day

Okay, there has to be some kind of law against this. If you’ve ever been a little kid, you know just how uncomfortable those shopping carts can be. If they’re that uncomfortable when you’re five, there’s no telling how painful it is at this woman’s age.

Not to mention, how is she going to get out of there? That’s going to take some serious effort and maneuvering which is going to be hard for this elderly woman. We hope that she got out alright and didn’t hurt herself in the process!

He Went To Walmart!

Nothing screams class like buying your fiance an engagement ring from a display case at Walmart. While most people say that an engagement ring should be a couple months salary, now you can afford it for just one hour of work — depending on your job.

It says that they have the look of a diamond, so there’s no way that your significant other would ever figure out how much it actually cost! Notice that some of the rings are already missing, so people have already made the decision to buy them for their own wedding. Don’t miss out!

License And Registration, Please

We’re not entirely sure how a vehicle made it this far into Walmart before it was finally stopped, but it’s impressive. It doesn’t look like it ran through a wall or anything, so it must have carefully driven through the sliding glass doors.

Chances are, this person is extremely inebriated and thought that it would be a good idea to drive their car inside Walmart for some reason that we may never fully understand. We’re just glad that the police made it there in time before somebody got seriously hurt.

Have To Be Back In Time For Surgery

Walmart really is a lawless land. The only place you’re going to see something like this is a place like Walmart.This man clearly went shopping, purchased his items, and is now walking out of the store in the condition that he’s in. Notice how nobody is following him or trying to help him because it’s probably just another day working at Walmart for the employees.


Hopefully, this guy made it back to the hospital safe and sound and his happy with his purchases that day. Maybe the hospital staff will keep a better eye on their patients next time too.

No Shelf Is Too Tall

When you don’t think you can reach the top shelf, it’s time to pull out the platform shoes. That bag of chips or jar of salsa is never out of reach in these top of the line, six-inch clear platform heels! While other people might be dressing down for the occasion, this girl is dressing up. Way up.

We guess there’s also the chance these are the only shoes she owns. It would explain why she is wearing them with so much pride!

Parenting 101

You would think that at least one other customer would try and stop this little girl from putting a plastic bag over her head when her mom doesn’t seem to care. If you are as clueless as this mother, this is extremely dangerous because the child can end up suffocating themselves if they aren’t careful.

The other lady in the picture clearly sees what is going on, but continues to drink her coffee like it’s not her problem. Also, shame on whoever took this picture rather than help. Clearly, it’s a free for all at Walmart.

That’s One Way To Do It

Sometimes, if your kid is being a nuisance while you’re shopping at Walmart, just strap them to the back of an electric cart. They’ll get a kick out of being dragged across the smooth ground and you’ll get some moments of peace and quiet so you can focus on your shopping.

The only real thing you have to worry about is them getting run over by another electric cart, so just stay sharp and we’re sure it will all work out fine. You also probably won’t be the only person with this idea so make sure you look out for other kids as well.

A VERY Backless Shirt

While there is nothing wrong with wearing a backless shirt, this one is a bit scandalous for a casual trip to Wally World.


See, the back of this shirt doesn’t actually stop at the back. Those slits go all the way down to this person behind! Needless to say, people probably weren’t expecting a full moon when they went shopping that afternoon.

Bologna Party

The real question is, where is this man going with all this bologna. There doesn’t seem like there could be a believable answer. Either he has plans to throw one of the biggest bologna parties of all time, or he’s planning on getting some kind of world record that involves eating a lot of bologna.

What isn’t surprising is that Walmart has that much bologna ready to sell, more so than any other normal grocery store. Even though this guy seems to be buying all of the bologna available, chances are they still have more in the back.

A Collage Of Excellence

Honestly, people should be less surprised at some of the folks they see at Walmart, especially after reviewing this list! From SpongeBob to hair that looks like it took a page out of Marge Simpson’s handbook, these folks are the epitome of Walmart.

Screenshot 2022-11-22 122433

The question is, what in the world is that man wearing on his head in the upper right-hand corner. The world may never know.

Someone Call Billy Joel

Someone put on Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” because this is one public fire in Wally world.

someone starting a fire over almond milk
Photo Credit: 90dean90 / Reddit
Photo Credit: 90dean90 / Reddit

Imagine being this dramatic over your fav non-dairy fortifying beverage being out.

Model Sighting At Walmart

Of all the people you might expect to run into at Walmart, the least likely is a model– but it’s possible! Walmart shoppers were in for a surprise when they spotted model and singer Courtney Stodden wandering the aisles on her phone.


After grabbing a few items Courtney picked up lunch and coffee, too!

Eyes Of A Child

We’re really happy that Walmart is taking strides to make their company feel like more than just a place of work for its employees, but this is a little bit on the scary side. There’s nothing wrong with having a choir made up of your fellow employees, but titling the album “Eyes of a Child” seems a little bit on the questionable side.


We wonder if this extra-curricular activity is made up of just volunteers or if it’s actually in your job description to be part of the Walmart associate choir. We hope that the proceeds made from the CDs actually go to the members of the choir, and not back into the company. We’re pretty sure that would be illegal.

All Tuckered Out

You know what they say – Sometimes you beat Walmart, and sometimes Walmart beats you. You would think that there have to be more comfortable places in Walmart to take a snooze, but it looks like this person couldn’t make it another step. The electronics section is just fine for them because the furniture area was just too far away to make it to.


This person does have some pretty impressive sleeping abilities, or maybe it’s not their first time taking a quick nap at Walmart. Hopefully, someone notices them before the store closes and they’re locked in there all night.

Looking For Gator Food

Something tells us that isn’t very safe at all. First off, it’s probably not safe for the animal who might need water. And if that thing gets out, it could very well give someone a nasty bite. How he made it through the entrance and past the greeters with the animal we’re not sure, but he looks confident walking around with it, so maybe he’s done it before.


We hope that the animal is okay as well as everyone else that was in the store at the same time. Just another questionable thing at Walmart on a daily basis.

You Do You

We like that this guy decided to go with the attractive woman in a bikini t-shirt instead of any other shirt he had in his wardrobe. Maybe it’s laundry day and he borrowed the only shirt of his wife’s that fits him.

No matter the story behind it, we’re just happy this happened. Only at Walmart, right? There’s no way this guy had a long list of errands to run that day, wearing that shirt.

Too Tight

Imagine restocking products on a shelf, when someone dressed in the tightest clothes possible comes cruising down the aisle. Oh, my. Walmart workers must have a tough time remaining professional, working next to customers with insane outfits like these. It must have taken some work getting into those clothes!


Customers want to flaunt what they got, and everyone else shopping at Walmart that day is just going to need to accept that.

Dealing with Customers Who Act Like Children

One of the duties of Walmart employees is to gather the carts and electric wheelchairs from the parking lot and around the store. Sometimes, they’re broken. And here’s why. Either there was only one chair left, or these two wanted to share.


Either way, it’s not good for the electric wheelchair. Imagine being the employee that has to tell the grown woman to get off the back of the seat.

Helping Customers Without Cracking Up Laughing

If you work at Walmart, your main job is customer service. As anyone who has worked in customer service knows, it can be a tough job, depending on the customers that you are dealing with.

Here’s an example of a Walmart customer looking to buy some perfume, probably a scent that matches his tiny, tight dress. Now how is a Walmart employee expected to help this gentleman without busting up laughing? Acting professionally can be tough!

When at Walmart…

These two ladies came across some stuffed shark heads while at Walmart and just had to try them on. And why not? That’s what Walmart is for, doing whatever you want. What makes it even better is that this is a mother-daughter pair. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Walmart is full of surprises and plenty of things to distract you from your shopping list.

I Love Lamp

Why grab a shopping cart when you can just put everything you buy on your body? It appears this woman is pushing someone in a wheelchair, so maybe that’s why she wasn’t able to grab a cart. We applaud her original ingenuity in finding a way to carry the lampshade that she is (hopefully) about to buy.

There aren’t too many other items (other than clothing) that you can wear around the store before checking out. We wonder what else she’s shopping for.

Well, He Tried?

We’re wondering how many phone numbers this ladies man collected during his trip to Walmart. These days too many people resort to social media and dating apps to talk to people. Why not just buy a white t-shirt and blast your message across your clothing? This is a bold and ridiculous move, but he claims he’s a “good man.”

There are a lot of questions left unanswered here, but anyone who ends up texting him probably doesn’t care about their guy being a good dresser!

Don’t Steal the Steaks!

Clearly, this Walmart location has had some trouble keeping track of its steak. You would never see this in a typical grocery store, but this is Walmart. All of the rules and your expectations of what would be are thrown out the window.

Photo: Instagram/@offical_king_jonathan
Photo: Instagram/@offical_king_jonathan

Just imagine being a fly on the wall at the meeting where the manager calls for security sensors to be placed on each of the steaks. Classic Walmart.

Group Shot!

Is that a possum? This group of friends at a Texas Walmart are having too much fun with these animal heads. Once you try them on, you pretty much have to buy it, right? @derbydiamondcuts captioned it, “A few of my favorite humans living their best life.” Who knew you could live your best life at Walmart?

We’re guessing that none of them actually purchased and walked out with one of the heads. Why bother when you can get the shot inside the store for free?

Looks About Right

Everyone knows that you don’t actually put on real clothes and spend time making yourself presentable in order to go to Walmart. The shopping center is a come-as-you-are type of place, and this dog knows that. Whoever put this meme together perfectly understands the people of Walmart, even if this dog doesn’t quite understand what’s going on.

Have you ever second-guessed your outfit before stepping out the door to just go to Walmart? No.

Deers of Walmart

So… this actually happened. In Wadena, Minnesota a deer made it’s way into Walmart. We’re not sure how he got past the Walmart greeter, but he was found calmly walking down the aisles, most likely doing his weekly shopping.

Photo: Stephanie Koljonen
Photo: Stephanie Koljonen

A man by the name of Tom Grasswick, who lives in Deer Creek, (you can’t make this up) tackled the deer and covered its eyes until they were able to get the deer out of the store safely.

Oh, What’s Up T-Rex?

Can you think of any better way to spend a Saturday than putting on a t-rex costume and heading to the local Walmart? We didn’t think so. It doesn’t look like this guy came to Walmart to be productive, but he did come to bring the laughs.

Photo: Instagram/@dmaynard10
Photo: Instagram/@dmaynard10

Trying to pick up and carry items with those short t-rex arms ain’t going to be easy! There’s a reason they went extinct…

You Have To Pay For That

That is exactly what it looks like. Someone took a Hostess snack cake pack, ate half, then casually put it back on the shelf without paying. We guess they prefer trying the product before buying it. This is gross, even if it does save this person 50 cents in the long run.


We’re just hoping that it was a child who decided to go this route, and not an adult who should be able to shell out a couple of coins!

That’s One Way To Paint A Car

This is the cheapest way to get a new paint job we’ve ever seen. It appears this young woman why tired of her car looking like Bumblebee. Honestly, though, the black spray paint isn’t doing her car any favors. It’s a bit splochy and- is that duct tape on the windows?

Photo Credit: ToxicSpook/reddit
Photo Credit: ToxicSpook/reddit

Can we also talk about how she couldn’t wait until she got home to do this? That’s a new level of desperate!

Hey, Got Any Bugs?

While some people bring their dogs to Walmart, this customer takes it to the next level with her lizard. At least it’s wearing a leash! Just imagine if that thing got loose in the store, running straight for lizard food. No customers’ ankles would be safe! Look at it staring into the camera, hoping for a swift escape.

We suppose just about any animal can be considered an emotional support pet this days. Reptile ready for check-out at 15… help.

Have Cart, Will Be Lazy

This man is not what we would call a gentleman. This subject is so lazy and hungry that he has forced his significant other into pushing him while he sits in the carts and eats chips. He also looks like he’s about to fall asleep.

And let’s be honest here, which one of them is most likely paying for everything they’re picking up that day? We’re guessing it’s not the man-child.

Party In The Back, No Business In The Front

Is this the modern mullet? Millennials have gone too far. What was once known as the “business in the front, party in the back” style is now just… nothing. The 1980s called and they don’t want you back. It’s possible she’s trying to be more aerodynamic. Or she had an extreme convertible accident that took everything but the party right off.

It doesn’t surprise us one bit that this person shops at Walmart. Bravo.

She IS Fashion

Was this woman drunk when she decided to head over to Walmart, or is this her daily attire? The guy she’s holding hands with doesn’t care about her appearance, but others in the store might.

Astrologer’s Blog/Pinterest
Astrologer’s Blog/Pinterest

Maybe the two of them came back from a costume party, and she went as an Amazonian queen. You never know these days, but she shouldn’t have worn that wildness to Walmart. There are kids there!

This Is A Woman

Whatever you do, you can’t call this lady, sir. No matter how much her appearance might fool you, she wants you to know that she’s a woman. From the back, looks are deceiving, so you can understand why the sign is there.


In the front, it might be a different story. If only she had turned around for this picture, then we could see if the sign on the back was necessary.

Anyone Have A Monkey Stroller?

Have you ever seen anyone bring a monkey with them to a store? Probably not, so here’s what that looks like. Of course, this had to be a Walmart where all the wild things happen.


Maybe she went looking for a stroller to put this monkey in, or perhaps she wanted to show the animal off to the local shoppers. There’s no reason for a baby monkey to be at Walmart like this.

Really Nice Masks!

Wouldn’t you say the masks this older couple has on are unique? You probably won’t come across many that come in that style, but anything is possible if you’re at Walmart.


Maybe they were in a rush and didn’t have time to find their original masks. Plus, they’re a little older, so you can give them a pass for this. Next time, the employees should probably tell them that’s a little inappropriate.

This Man Felt Pretty

Well, at least he doesn’t have a sign on his back saying that he’s a woman. He might have some lady accessories on, but this man is confident in himself.

Lisa Kackley/Pinterest
Lisa Kackley/Pinterest

The confidence allowed him to leave the house in this outfit and walk in the store without a care in the world. Still, someone noticed and managed to take a picture from far away. Maybe he’ll see this one day and laugh about it.

The Woman With The Dragon In Her Hair

Sure, you’ve heard of the lady with the dragon tattoo, but what about the woman with the dragon in her hair? Is that a pet that you can bring around anywhere?

Reid Foster/Pinterest
Reid Foster/Pinterest

It probably isn’t but there aren’t any rules when you go shopping at Walmart. You can have a pet lizard, monkey, and even a snake! You’re probably wondering what animal you might see next, so you might want to stay tuned…

Gone Fishing

This man wanted to fish and wasn’t going to let anyone get in his way. That’s the kind of mentality you have to have when you want things in life.


The only issue is he’s at Walmart and not a lake. Is he fishing for the one he wants to take home? If it bites, then that must be the one he needs to purchase. How come security didn’t stop him from doing this?

She Was In A Hurry

Can you believe no one had the decency to tell her that she had this toilet paper coming out of her pants? This the one tail that she didn’t want.

Trish Schumacher/Pinterest
Trish Schumacher/Pinterest

If there were streaks of brown marks on it, then that would be a total mess. She would have to get banned from Walmart if that happened, so thank goodness it didn’t. Still, how did she not notice this was there?

He Made Some Interesting Choices That Day

No matter what you say, this man didn’t have to put on this outfit. He looks like an elf reject that didn’t make the casting for Bad Santa. That pink hat really takes things over the top.

Lisa Kackley/Pinterest
Lisa Kackley/Pinterest

If we look at this from a positive point of view, maybe he lost a bet and had to go shopping like this. There are many stories of people losing fantasy football and having to do wild things.

That’s One Place You Can Stand

Standing on the behind of your parent or guardian sounds weird, but it’s even worse when you see it. That boy is perfectly balanced on this woman’s back, and she isn’t even shifting her body.

Lisa Kackley/Pinterest
Lisa Kackley/Pinterest

You for sure won’t see anything like this at Target or Whole Foods, but that’s what makes Walmart so special. You never know what you’ll run into! Hopefully, that little boy didn’t stumble off of her back.

Who Needs Hands?

You don’t need hands when you can use your feet to grab things, but who does that? It looks like this lady enjoys grabbing soda with her long legs, but why?

Kim W./Pinterest
Kim W./Pinterest

It’s best not to question anything you see going on at Walmart because the answer to it will probably upset you or make you even more confused. This is the place people go to be themselves, not Burning Man or Coachella.