These Quarterbacks Starred In New Careers After Retiring From The NFL

Not all quarterbacks in the NFL are destined for greatness. Some have a few good years starting, then retire and enter civilian life. Others spend the ends of their careers as backup quarterbacks or playing in the Indoor Football League. And what about when the shoulder pads finally come off? Not every former player ends up as an analyst on ESPN like Matt Hasselbeck. David Garrard became a small business owner. Do remember when he was the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars? And if you ever wondered what happened to Jason Campbell, you’ll know soon enough! Plus, we’ll cover your favorite Pro Bowl quarterbacks and show you what they are doing now.

Joey Harrington Got Into The Non-Profit Business

Photo Credit: Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

After an uneventful six-year NFL career with the Detroit Lions, Dolphins, Falcons, and Saints, Joey Harrington turned his attention to helping struggling students. While working as an analyst for FOX Sports, Harrington founded the Harrington Family Foundation with the goal of alleviating college costs in Oregon.

Why Oregon? It’s where Harrington played college football, going 25-3 in his career and nearly winning the Heisman Trophy. The Lions were so impressed they drafted him second overall in 2002. When his college skills didn’t translate to the NFL they traded him for a fifth-round draft pick from the Dolphins.