These Pictures Show That Redneck Engineering Is The Way Of The Future

If a solution doesn’t exist, you have to create your own. German engineering? Pfft. That’s not even close to the creative wizardry that comes from rednecks. You can go ahead and keep your upper-class life hacks because they’re expensive and require a trip to the store that only wastes your valuable time.

Redneck engineering is quickly taking over the world and it will continue to wow and confuse us as long as pools and car stereo systems continue to cost a bazillion dollars. When “semi-brilliant” minds come together over a few beers around a makeshift firepit, ideas are generated and solutions are made. This list will have you saying “why didn’t I think of that?” over and over again.

Wipers Are Overrated

New Windshield Wipers: $12-16. Anyone who has had to deal with the nightmare that revolves around the lackluster performance of windshield wipers in the winter knows the struggle is real. Brooms, on the other hand, have overcome the test of time for a reason, and that reason is they work, like really well. They’re durable and can withstand any obstacle that comes their way.

This is why the selecting the broom over the windshield wiper is clearly a power move. The snow doesn’t stand a chance against it and you don’t have to worry about it sticking to the windshield.

Big Fan Of This

A decent new leaf blower: $85-150. That price range should actually be much higher because you can buy some for upwards of $1,000. That’s insane, but in all fairness, once you get to that cost of a leaf blower you get this sweet backpack thing that attaches to it and makes you look like you’re from Ghostbusters.


This redneck hack makes sense, so grab yourself an extension cord, turn the fan to its most powerful setting, and get out on that driveway, Darryl. The fact that you’re a slave to the cord would be the only concern, but if it saves you a boatload of money, who cares?

Not Sure About This One

New Car Muffler: $300-500. It’s only a preference to have the muffler not drag on the ground. If it ends up dragging, it’s not a big deal, especially because the cost to get a new one is enormous… right?

If the only problem is the drag of the muffler then there’s an easy fix and it’s hanging in your closet. There have only been positive reviews on the effectiveness of this method so we should be seeing more of it in the near future. There is a preferred style of clothes hanger though, which is the thick wooden ones. The plastic ones break, and the weird 1980s felt-coated ones are just weird unless you’re driving a pimpmobile,

Hunny, Can I Borrow The Barbie Jeep For A Second?

New Rim And Tire Replacement: $450-500. Cars are incredibly expensive and are prone to breaking down and costing a ton of money in repairs. Tires and rims aren’t cheap and this person knows that. You can buy like 500 bags of Doritos for that price which is a much better investment in my opinion.

This should be an advertisement for this toy car because it’s lugging around a ton of weight. It’s used to having Ken, Barbie, and MAYBE Trisha riding in it and now here it is anchoring a car. That’s durability at its finest. That car probably hasn’t had a smoother ride since it was taken off the lot.

High Beams

Full Headlight Assembly: $250-500. What is a headlight assembly you ask? I have no clue but I assume it has to do with assembling headlights. Nonetheless, this is really expensive and this person found the right alternative to paying that insane price.


You’ll be seeing miles ahead of you on the open road with these babies. There is literally nothing that some tape and heavy-duty flashlights can’t fix.

Better Than A Drive-In

New Overhead Flip-down Monitor: $250- 400. Multiply that price by two for each seat and you have yourself a lofty investment for the kids. These screens are important on long trips because they help avoid the constant call of, “are we there yet?” shrieks from the back.

This contraption gets a 10/10 in practicality, creativity, and most importantly, efficiency. The kids are glued to the screen and don’t seem to be distracted by the rope that’s strategically holding up the screen.

The Most Logical Scooter

Installing A Toilet: $800ish / Mobility Scooter: $1500-2500. As our society gets lazier, the need for using mobility scooters as legs is becoming much more popular. Toilets have always been popular because, uh, they’re toilets.

This revolutionary combination needs to be more common. Imagine being able to go to the store riding around on one of these and also relieving yourself in the process. You never have to mentally prepare yourself for the absolute savagery that comes in the form of public washroom toilet seats. Imagine being able to go to Wal-Mart for an hour of stress-free shopping after eating spicy Mexican food. One can dream.

Stoves Are Overrated

New Stove: $700-2000, Not everyone has that kind of money lying around to just go out and purchase a stove to boil your water in the morning. Also, ovens and stoves take up a lot of space in your kitchen that can be used for other things, like a wine rack or a kegerator. Or a wine rack built into a kegerator.

This is smart. You can spend $15 on an iron and get the same result with the help of a “stabilizing shoe” which is the low-key MVP of this combination. You can tell this person put some serious thought into how this was going to exactly play out because they even have the carpet pulled up AND some Tupperware underneath.

Razor Sharp Idea

Straight Razor: $100. Being straight razed is probably one of the best feelings in the world. If you haven’t had it done, I highly recommend it, but, there’s no doubt that it’s expensive.


This idea was obviously well thought out with some tedious R&D. They knew the middle two tongs of plastic forks are always the most durable while also having the most give. The shaft of the razor is essential for a clean and smooth shave. It’s the little things that make a big difference and if you don’t have to worry about buying new razors, then life is good and a little bit cheaper.

Visor Goals

New Visor: $30. This poor lady probably forgot her visor in the car and was too lazy to go back and get it so she adapted. Betty looked around, assessed the bleachers, saw a cupholder with four full beers and decided to dispose of them into her stomach before getting the scissors out.


She wasn’t ready to let a few UV rays ruin her day so she cut the perfect semi-circle around her head and voila. Will the real slim shady please stand up? Get it? Keep reading to see the tastiest (and probably only edible) fire alarm ever created.

Surround Sound

New Car Stereo: $150-$300+. Blasting tunes in the car is an absolute must. You don’t realize how important it is until you get into a car that’s completely silent and it’s absolutely deafening. All of a sudden you start realizing your friend Beau breathes abnormally heavy, and you’ve never hated him more.

This person was so petrified of driving in silence that he got out the tape, brushed off his boom box and went to work.

Tailgate Classic

New Barbeque: $300. Grocery carts are a dime a dozen and very easily accessible. They give you a massive surface area to work with (much bigger than any grill under $500) which is optimal if you’re having a backyard shindig with more than 20 people. George Foreman grill? More like George BOREman grill.

If you’ve ever had the honor of using a fire pit to sear your meat, you know that it’s the absolute bomb-diggity (I just dated myself didn’t I?). Combine that with the grilling power that comes from a grocery cart and you have yourself a Guy Fieri inspired meal.

Better Than The Canary In A Coal Mine

New Fire Alarm: $28- 42. Multiply that number by the number of levels in your house (including the basement) for which you need to have a fire alarm and you could be looking at over $100.

Instead, you can buy a bag of popcorn to hang near the ceiling on all floors, which saves you a significant amount of money and probably does the same job. As soon as it starts getting hot enough in the house the popcorn will start cracking and that’s your sign to b-line it to the nearest exit. It’s almost foolproof. Not only do you get warned in time to save your life, but you also get a perfectly popped bag of popcorn on your way out. What do baking and drills have in common? You’ll find out soon.


Electrician Installed Doorbell: $138. It’s a necessity to know when someone has arrived at your place but there has to be a better way to let someone know that they’re waiting. How many times has the doorbell scared the bejeezus out of you while you’re minding your own business in the living room? My guess is at least five, and add another six times when your heart skipped a few beats after the dreaded ding-dong. But I’m not good at math so maybe it’s a lot more.


This individual did the right thing. Instead of going out to find the missing doorbell, they just got a shaker waterbottle which in total would’ve cost probably two dollars. This is the right move.

Mobility Is Key

New Above Ground Pool: $2,500-5.000. Don’t even get me started with the price of an inground pool because it’s crazy expensive. If you want a nice above ground pool you’re probably looking at even more than $5,000 with installation included.

This fella capitalized on his brilliance by combining some plastic covering, a water hose, and his 1985 Chevy 1500 then went to town. As you can see, its spacious and has a maximum capacity of four people. The mobility of this pool is the real selling point though. You can have a pool party at Chris’ house and then head over to Billy’s place for another party within the same hour. Two pool parties with the same pool in the same hour? Incredible design.

Cupholder Of The Future

New Cupholder: $39-60. Cupholders have historically been placed in inconvenient spots throughout the car. Many may disagree, but there needs to be someone standing strong as an opposing voice. Why has there never been a place to put your steaming hot cup of joe that’s at chest level? I don’t want to have to reach down and try to locate the cup while I’m driving. It’s dangerous and unnecessary. Oh wait, hot coffee splashing in your face during an accident or quick stop is probably worse!


This engineer fixed the burned leg problem at least. Any cupholder lower than this one is a distraction and should be banned from any cars in the future and so should this one. We really need a much better solution all around.

A Martha Stewart Collection

New Kitchen Whisk: $12-434. Oh, you think I’m lying that a kitchen whisk actually has a price tag over $400? Here it is. So you’re paying that much money and it’s not even electric. You have to manually stir your mashed potatoes while wielding that insanely over-priced mace. If I’m paying that much for a cooking utensil it better put on an apron and cook for me.


This guy realized that the batter and eggs weren’t going to stir themselves, and neither was he. After a quick trip to the shed and some real creative thinking, this life hack was born.

Who Needs A Diving Board?

New High Diving Board: $1000 plus. Regular diving boards are boring and mundane now that Olympians like Tom Daley have brought mainstream attention to how cool high diving is. It’s nearly impossible to be able to have any fun on the standard diving board. It should be called the No Fun Board. Boom, roasted.

This lad took his high-flying intentions to the next level by jumping off of his tractor’s bucket. Disclaimer: I do not condone buying a tractor as a substitute for a high dive, but I kind of do. Actually, I fully condone this but take no responsibility for any injuries you might incur.

Swing Low

New 2 Person Hammock: $285-300. If you want a hammock that’s not going to drop you to your death after a slight redistribution of weight from right to left or vice versa then you’re going to have to spend some dough.

Or, you could be like this smartie and just get out the duct tape with a couple of sticks and some rope. What’s great about this homemade hammock is that even if you spin around you’re not going to fall off because the tape will keep you sticking around, literally. This is the hammock of the future.

Using Your Noodle

Pool noodles are a staple of any backyard pool party. They can be floatation devices, swords, or really anything you can dream of. Their foam-like design makes them perfect for floating on, but even more importantly, they can apparently wick away raindrops from your windshield. Who knew?


I think the most impressive part of this design is that this person probably didn’t even need them. They look like they’re attached to perfectly good wipers already. Maybe the endless squeeking of the blades finally got to them, or maybe they just weren’t doing the drink anymore and they needed something more powerful. Hopefully they don’t drive through any cold climates.

Venetian Fence

If my house was separated from my neighbors by one of these flimsy, see-through fences, I’d probably go insane. I’m a private person, and even though my private life is average at best, I don’t exactly want people to be able to see me at all hours of the day.

Combine that with the rage of trying to make venetian blinds work, and you see exactly how this fence came to be. Clearly, this person lost their cool and tore their blinds into a million pieces, only to realize they fit perfectly into the slits of the fence. Just another example of innovation coming in the wake of total destruction.

Men At Work

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that duct tape can solve almost all of your problems. Almost. I’m sorry, but no matter how much you tape up the cracks, that road is not getting any better. What’s going to happen when it rains?! That tape is running down the street and straight into the gutter.

The only part about this that I can make sense of is that it at least wont take 7 months waiting for the road repairs to finally get around to patching it up. Heck, it looks like mother nature’s already taking a stab at patching things up. Is that moss?

Things Get Dusty In The Peach State

When I think of Georgia, I think of peaches, TBS, and blowing a 25-3 lead (sorry Falcons fans). It turns out the good people of Georgia are actually neat freaks too, and will go to great lengths to make sure their porch looks spick and span.

I’m sure license plate collectors out their will cringe in horror over their beloved plates being bent out of shape, but when they start rusting away, you might as well put them to good use. This is practice, imaginative, and destined to get the job done, kind of like that very first car you buy. Precious memories.

I Wanna Go Fast

Looks like granny’s not ready to give up her need for speed just yet. She might be resigned to sitting in a chair for all but 20 minutes a day, but when she gets out of the house, you’d better get out of her way. This thing probably goes from 0-100 real quick, and has taken all the necessary safety precautions to make sure it’s topple-proof.


My biggest worry would be if the battery runs out. It doesn’t seem to have any emergency steering, and that front wheel looks a little wobbly. Maybe don’t push it all the way to 100 grandma.

Someone To Hold You

I have no idea what it takes to put up or repair power lines, but this actually looks like a pretty reasonable compromise. When you have people calling and complaining that they have no power, you have to come up with a quick answer. This seems like a solid short-term answer, and really, whose to say it won’t work out long-term?

We should really be giving the power company a round of applause for finding a pole so quickly. You can’t exactly just go down to Lowes and grab a new 20 footer. I feel that’s at least a special order option.

Turn On The A/C

I’m more of a “roll down the windows and let the wind mess up your hair” kind of guy, but there are just some days where you need the frozen tundra that a good air conditioning system can provide. When your car just doesn’t measure up, it’s time to improvise.

These air conditioners are a lot heavier than you might think, so naturally, using a whole roll of duct tape to keep it in place is a must. Also, if you’ve ever moved one, you know that wherever you place it, it’s there for life, so finding the right window is key.

That’s Close Enough

Technology has really changed the way we live our lives. Remember that cool, over-the-shoulder move your parents would use to finesse their way into a parking spot? No one does that anymore. It’s all about that rearview camera. We lost a part of our heritage when we allowed that camera into our lives, and we’ll probably never get it back.

This driver hasn’t given up yet. Instead, they’ve simply improvised. The biggest drawback to backing up was you never knew just how close your bumper was until it was too late. This solves this problem and will definitely scare anyone nearby who’s watching you back that thing up.

Car Care At Its Finest

Remember your very first car, and how hard it was to give up? You made so many memories in that car and put in a lot of time and effort to make it yours. So when there’s a little scrape, you paint it up. Got a dent? Find a way to un-dent it. The whole driver side door ripped off? Well, you’re not using that walkway gate anymore. Might as well put it to good use!

When you’re performing these DIY fixes to your car, remember: safety first. Make sure the gate locks and you put a pillow between yourself in your new door, just in case you get in an accident.

Baby On Board

There are a couple ways to get your baby out in the world when you’re a new parent, and boking around with them in a carrier behind you is definitely one of the most popular. Those carriers can be pretty expensive though, and they’re not exactly waterproof, which is apparently important to this family.

There are obviously some drawbacks to this model, mainly that there is no shade and a little bit unbalanced. One wrong turn and this carrier could go flying, especially if a breeze gets caught up underneath it. Make sure both biker and baby are wearing helmets.

When It Snows Once A Decade

If you live far enough south, you might have never seen snow in your life. I envy that. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it just gets in the way. There’s literally nothing good about it. It would be weird to never see it though. I’d probably invest in a much better lawnmower if I knew that my grass would be on display 365 days a year. Clearly, this guy thinks the same and has enough faith in his mower that he’s willing to bet he can skip over buying a traditional snowblower and simply improvise. If it’s just one day, just make things work.

It’s The Mattress That Matters

As a former college student, I’ve seen some pretty wild bedrooms in my life. It all starts with the bed, and it’s pretty shocking how many people just forego the bed frame entirely. The most impressive I’ve seen was one guy who simply stacked three mattresses on top of each other like he was the Princess and the Pea. I was insanely jealous.

I’ve learned that while a good bed frame can really make a difference, they’re also a bit overrated. This person has clearly read too many DIY articles featuring pallets, which really explains their decent into pallet-related madness. I’m also a big fan of sleeping on the floor, so who am I to judge.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

The swing set must have been the most overrated piece of equipment on the playground growing up. There was no real purpose to it. All you could do was challenge someone to see who could go higher, and what did you get if you won? A mild panic attack mixed with a scolding from your mom, who had told you 1000 times not to swing so high. Who needs that kind of negativity in their life?

It wasn’t until my later years that a learned that the swing set could be a romantic place to take that special someone. Mix that with the typical “backseat of the car” move, and you have yourself the perfect night out.

Zip Ties Save Lives

Most action movies have taught me just how strong a zip tie can be. In any hostage negotiation, you can bet people are bound with zip ties. We obviously have an action movie buff here, so when they saw a crack in the pipe, they quickly sprang into action. I wonder how this process played out? Two zip ties. Not enough. Seven? Keep going. 20? Child’s play. I’m pretty sure I counted 52 zip ties, which is probably two more than necessary, just to keep things safe. You know that whatever made them finally bring this in to get fixed must have been really serious.

Jack Of All Trades

Considering it’s just so easy to trust a jack to hold up your car when you’re relpacing a flat tire, counting on it holding up overnight shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. It’s almost a rite of passage to break your bed at some time in your life. Maybe it was when you were jumping on your mattress as a kid. Maybe it was in your teenage years when you had a “friend” over. Or maybe it was in your adult life when you had a few too many drinks and thought it’d be the perfect place to crash. Just like with a car, it’s important to have a jack in the house at all times. You never know when you might need it.

A Real All Terrain Vehicle

Even if you don’t live anywhere near a body of water, if your ATV doesn’t look like this, we can’t be friends. Just think about how much more aerodynamic this would be! This rider clearly has getton the most out of their all terrain fusion monster, and should probably consider patenting this idea for future generations. When the world flloods and we have to travel from island to island, these will be the only vehicles left for us simple folks. I’m just waiting to see how the expansion pack plays out. I’m picturing a snake-like train just wadding through the water.

Use Only In Case Of Emergency

This might be the ultimate test in self-control when you’re driving around town. There’s a good chance you’re only going to get a few honks a trip, so you’d better make them count. You can only fill that bottle up with so much air. You’re not going to have any luck when you’re stuck in traffic, but at least you can scare a few fellow motorists when you crackle the bottle. Seems like the easiest way to convince them that they messed up their car, then when they’re not looking cut in their lane. This is why I don’t drive anymore.

It’s All Pipes!

If it wasn’t clear enough, this is a DIY urinal. If you aren’t impressed, then you must have seen some high-priced toilets in your time. A man’s bathroom is his throne, but there are sometimes when a throne is a bit much, like when you’re out in your shed and nature calls. I’ll give this guy credit. A lesser man would simply throw open the door and let nature take its course. This is clearly a civil man who has been yelled at a few too many times about wizzing in the breeze and decided to take action. This might be a bit risky in the rainy season, but it beats trudging inside for a quick leak.

You Never Know When You Might Need It

One of the most terrifying moments nearly everyone’s experienced at some time in their life is flushing the toilet and seeing the water start to creep up. Then, we do the obvious and try and flush again, only to see the water level creep even closer to critical mass. The single bachelor in me, who doesn’t own a plunger, dreads this moment. I don’t think I’d know what to do. Do you call a plumber? Is this really how they make a living? Maybe it’s time to invest in a plunger, and this one looks like the best on the market.

Redwood Engineering

Take a loook at this and please explain the thought process involved. Where were you when your tire goes flat, and you look around and only see tree branches. Then, how do you think that it makes sense to replace that flat tire with those very branches apparently surrounding your car? These are just some of the questions that I know Ill never get answers for but deserve to be asked. If sparks start to fly, I don’t like his chances. I bet the handling on that thing could use some work, but drifting around corners looks like it would be a ton of fun.

The Dolce & Gabbana Redneck Hack

Not every redneck hack needs to be the result of replacing one expensive product with a cheaper alternative. There are plenty of self-proclaimed rednecks with money. Perhaps this cologne bottle hack was the result of a famous country singer needing quick access to their bottle of Dolce & Gabbana cologne before a show. All you need to make this work is an old spray bottle top! Keep in mind the chance for a really big overspray of your cologne when you use this redneck hack to smell better. On a positive note, too much cologne is often better than not wearing any at all.


When Edward Scissorshands Isn’t Available

This guy is probably going to suffer a horrific, potentially life-ending injury in the near future. In the meantime, he has found a crazy yet effective way to trim hedges. All you need is a crane, a riding lawnmower, and a lot of faith in gravity and your buddies. This redneck hack is probably one of the only items on our list that is more expensive than buying an actual product that’s meant to do this job. Are there any stats about the life expectancy of rednecks? We have a feeling it skews the national figures in the completely wrong direction.

How To Make A Redneck Barbecue In 60 Seconds

Do you need to barbecue for one? This redneck hack is actually genius. Just cut open an aluminum bottle, add a small piece of metal to use as a rack, and throw in a few pieces of charcoal. This redneck went one step further by adding little legs and a handle to their beer can barbecue. We can’t promise a bunch of heavy metals won’t leach into your food but let’s face it, you’re eating a hot dog, not a filet mignon. When it comes to engineering, rednecks really know how to have a good time and apparently, they have mastered upcycling.

A Redneck Laptop

Did your laptop casing break? Have no fear, all you need to do is order a $5 large pizza from Little Caesar’s and you’re back in business! This redneck realized a pizza box basically works exactly like a laptop. As an added bonus, your computer probably isn’t going to overheat considering all of the internal pieces are exposed. Good luck with dust but at least the case will smell delicious for a short period of time. Remember, just because someone is a proud redneck, it does not mean they don’t have the smarts to get stuff done and think on their feet.

A Redneck Rotisserie Oven

If you’re a redneck you probably love the outdoors and you’re probably good at figuring out how mother nature can help you get by. This redneck built an amazing outdoor rotisserie oven for hog roasts. All you need for this project is some wood, metal, and a pig. The creek current turns the pig with help from some lightweight wood panels, allowing you to go about your day while your meal is perfectly roasted on an open fire. As an added bonus, this redneck hack is environmentally conscious which is often the redneck way when it comes to these type of inventions.

Lawn Furniture Redneck Style

Rednecks are amazing at taking almost all of their old junk and turning it into functional pieces of engineered craftsmanship. Sometimes, they even create stuff that is not only unique but also a lot of fun to look at. These lawn chairs and this table can be created using some old tires that were destined for the scrap heap. A few bolts are all it takes to make some functional redneck art. These tire chairs can sell for hundreds of dollars on the internet so why not just create your own when it’s time to buy new tires for your vehicle.

Redneck Basketball

A basketball net doesn’t cost that much money but an old leftover toilet seat lid is free. We’re not really sure about the logistics behind this redneck hack. Does a basketball fit through the lid? How much bounce does a toilet seat lid have? So many questions that we would normally find the answer to while sitting on the toilet. It might not be a regulation basketball net or backboard but you can create this redneck sporting equipment without a lot of effort. As an added bonus, when someone calls your new basketball rim a steaming pile of manure, you can take it as a compliment.

Redneck Swimming Supplies

First, we 100% don’t condone using a bunch of old soda bottles as floatation devices, even if the photo on the right proves that they can hold up an entire person as they relax on open waters. Life jackets and other pool-based products are thoroughly tested before their sold in stores but redneck products are only tested once they’ve been created and the results are often mixed. Plus, all this plastic could end up floating around the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Upcycling is all the rage with redneck engineering but please don’t make your children floatation devices out of old products from the grocery store.

The Redneck Riding Push Lawnmower

The push lawnmower has been around for many years and it’s still used by many environmentally conscious people. This is the first time we’ve seen a riding version of the popular grass cutter. All it took to make this device a reality was a push mower, a bike frame, and a welding torch. We can’t vouch for how easy it could possibly be to actually drive this lawnmower around on a bike but it sure is cool to look at. This isn’t just a unique piece of lawn care equipment, it’s a work of art that doesn’t have to be functional to prove that redneck engineers think way outside of the box.


Redneck Wall Insulation

If you’ve ever purchased a giant drink from the gas station and it came in a foam cup, you were probably surprised by how long your soda could stay cold. Styrofoam might take forever to decompose but it makes for a decent insulator. This redneck hack helped one person warm up and cool down their garage. Sure, actual insulation is probably cheaper to buy but then you wouldn’t have this fun wall to stare at. It might not be practical for your home but it makes for great garage insulating. Redneck engineers might not always make the most practical choices but they definitely have fun with their unique approaches to solving life’s problems.

The Redneck Freezer Is Good For The Environment

Do you get a lot of snow in your neck of the woods? This could be the perfect way to keep your beer cold while cutting down on the cost of operating a pesky refrigerator. Simply wait for a blizzard, open your outside door and add a piece of wood for a shelf. The redneck freezer is particularly good for liquor that won’t freeze if you leave it in place for long periods of time. We don’t know if there are a lot of rednecks in Alaska but there will be after they see this simple but effective beer/liquor hack.

The Most Rednecky Curlers Of All Time

Don’t want to spend $20 on a new set of hot curlers? Why not grab all those cans of Natty Ice you’ve been downing and turn them into the redneck equivalent. You’ll need long hair to pull this off and you’ll probably find it hard to sleep with these cans in your hair, but it’s upcycling at its best and that’s what redneck hacks are all about. We’re not sure if anyone actually uses hot rollers these days but they probably will after realizing this trick is so simple to mimic. We make no guarantee that heating up the cans will not burn your hair or head.

The Cup Holder Visor

Eye damage caused by the sun is no joke and that pesky ball of fire in the sky can really put a damper on spectator sports. Have no fear if you forgot your sunglasses or hat at home. This redneck figured out how to create a temporary visor by cutting out part of a four cup drink holder. The product is already lightweight and easy to manipulate which makes it a smart choice for blocking the sun. Sure you’ll look like an idiot but you’ll be able to watch hours of NASCAR while everyone around you squints at the action.


The Redneck Smoker

Leave it to some redneck engineering to turn a business-based item into something that smokes meats and potatoes. Turning a file cabinet into a smoker sounds like a great idea until you start to consider all of the unregulated metals that are probably leeching into the food that has been cooked. Notice the wood burning shelf in the bottom and the grates that were added to build a make-shift smoker. Sure, we wouldn’t eat out of this thing but it really showcases how rednecks think outside of the box. Our next redneck food hack is a lot more practical and it helps us eat pizza which gives it bonus points.

The Redneck Pizza Cutter

Making a homemade pizza? Save the can lid from your chosen tomato sauce and grab an old steel ruler. Simply attach the lid to the ruler and you’ve created an effective pizza cutter on the fly. Watch out for tiny little pieces of metal getting into your pizza but otherwise, you’ll be offering slices to your guests in a matter of minutes. When it comes to making something out of nothing our redneck friends have us beat at almost every turn. Keep reading to learn how easily a pair of scissors can be turned into a homemade mixer for all of your baking needs.

The Scissors Mixer

We’ve already shown you that a drill is nearly a perfect option for replacing a broken mixer but what if the actual mixing hardware is missing? Simply grab a pair of scissors and stick the metal end into your drill. Make sure you’ve tightened down the drill bit end and then go to town on mixing up your next helping of brownies. It’s not an ideal long-term solution but this hack will make sure you finish baking those 500 cookies you promised for the bake sale you totally forgot about. Our next redneck shower hack will have you shaking your head and laughing out loud.

The Redneck Shower – Caffeine Included

Did your showerhead just crap out on you? Have no fear, Mountain Dew is here! All you’ll need for this hack is a Mountain Dew bottle and some electric tape. Drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of the bottle and then tape the drinking end to the shower spout. You can add several holes and then continue drilling until the right water flow is achieved. This is obviously only a temporary fix but when you need to get to work in the morning and you smell like a night of Keystone Light drinking, this is a must have redneck hack.

The Worst Spoiler Of All Time?

Sure you can make a redneck spoiler for just over $2 but you probably shouldn’t. Spoilers are factory tested for drag and other variables and are developed specifically for the type of vehicle they are placed on. This hack will likely cause a loss of gas mileage and will probably end up flying off your vehicle while damaging another automobile. On the other hand, if you live in the backwoods and you want to impress your redneck buddies, this is the type of engineering they will celebrate with high fives and a case of Budweiser or a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The Redneck Waterslide

If there’s one thing we have learned from Rednecks it’s that they are not afraid to put their lives in danger to test out their newest hack. This guy decided he absolutely had to build a waterslide for his above ground pool. Classy right? His solution was simple but effective, a trademark of the redneck hack. Simply set up your above ground pool right next to your double wide and add a wet tarp to your roof. Achievement unlocked and it’s one heck of a ride. Our next hack will take your breath away or rather help you save your breath.

The Redneck Air Mattress Pump Solution

Sick and tired of blowing up your air mattress the old fashioned way? Don’t have the cash to buy an electric pump to get the job done? This redneck hack only requires a small desk fan, some duct tape, and a plastic bottle. You probably won’t fill up the mattress fully with this approach but it will save a ton of effort on your end. Let the mattress nearly fill up and then take over the last few breaths of air on your own. When it comes to homemade hacks there is nobody better to call on then your best redeck friend.

Mirror, Mirror

New Car Mirror: $139-328. Look, a mirror is a mirror is a mirror is a mirror. As long as it gives off a reflection then no one should be complaining. The mirrors of today that have all the gadgets and gizmos like blindspot alerts and six different angles of everything behind you are overrated. Yeah, I said it.

This person realized that there is a need to go back to the simpler times when you had one mirror and that’s it. In fact, my guess is that their car mirror wasn’t even broken. They just didn’t like having to look at the bifocal car mirror.