These Pictures Prove That Redneck Engineering Is The Way Of The Future

If a solution doesn’t exist, you have to create your own. German engineering? Pfft. That’s not even close to the creative wizardry that comes from rednecks. You can go ahead and keep your upper-class life hacks because they’re expensive and require a trip to the store that only wastes your valuable time.

Redneck engineering is quickly taking over the world and it will continue to wow and confuse us as long as pools and car stereo systems continue to cost a bazillion dollars. When “semi-brilliant” minds come together over a few beers around a makeshift firepit, ideas are generated and solutions are made. This list will have you saying “why didn’t I think of that?” over and over again. Wait until you see the surround sound system someone built with duct tape.

Wipers Are Overrated

New Windshield Wipers: $12-16. Anyone who has had to deal with the nightmare that revolves around the lackluster performance of windshield wipers in the winter knows the struggle is real. Brooms, on the other hand, have overcome the test of time for a reason, and that reason is they work, like really well. They’re durable and can withstand any obstacle that comes their way.

This is why the selecting the broom over the windshield wiper is clearly a power move. The snow doesn’t stand a chance against it and you don’t have to worry about it sticking to the windshield.