These Photos Are So Mind Boggling That You Will Scratch Your Head More Than Once

Each second your brain processes 400 billion bits of information but you only immediately recognize around 2,000 bits at a time. In the moment, you might miss a lot of information, but sometimes there’s an event that is so surreal that even after it’s over you’re left confused and maybe even a little bit freaked out. You’ll see what I mean when you witness some things that will raise more questions than answers, like the perfect Pringles work of art.

Double Bathing Suit

Swim Shorts Too Low.jpg

I love going to the beach, but I most certainly would not wear that attire in the photo above. Seriously, who wears shorts down to their knees like that? This guy looks like he missed his chance to do his thing on the toilet before soaking up the sun rays. Also, it appears our beach pal is wearing sand socks, which seems like they’re designed for actual fitness and not for wearing on the beach. If you were at the beach when having this encounter, you better hope he faces a significant amount of shrinkage once he hits the open waters.