These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos Are Full Of Guts And Glory

Sports photographers have a tough job. They’ll take hundreds of photos during an event, and might not have a single usable picture. But sometimes luck shines down on them and they capture the perfect image. These shots deserve to be framed and hung up on walls around the world. Or shown off in this amazing collection we’ve found. You won’t believe which Indians outfielder can fly!

Sometimes It’s Okay To Hit Like A Girl

hit like a girl.jpg

Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

You know the saying, “you hit like a girl?” It turns out that’s not such a bad thing. If girls hit like Chris Cyborg, then guys everywhere are in for a serious surprise! Gina Carano can block the blow all she wants, but it’s not going to help. That’s solid contact.

As they say in sports, “that’ll leave a mark.” Carano wasn’t able to recover from this knockout punch and lost the fight. Still, she’s doing just fine as a movie star now. Not many UFC fighters can say they held their own against The Rock in The Fast and Furious franchise! Next, how much flexibility is too much flexibility?