These People Take “You Had One Job” To Outrageous New Levels

Some people are just not meant to do certain jobs. If you’re like many people, you’ve worked certain tasks that were a means to an end. You likely even put your mind on cruise control the second you walked in and turned it off your brain’s auto pilot when you walked out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that half-hearted efforts often lead to unfortunate results in the workplace.

Sometimes, you have one job that you’re assigned to complete and despite your best efforts you promptly fail miserably. If you’re lucky, the failure will go unnoticed. Unfortunately for these fine folks, their “you had one job to do” fail didn’t have a chance to slip under the corporate radar.

You’re Not Lion

This is taking “we’re not fake news” to a whole new level. It’s pretty obvious to the average person that a lion’s brother would also be a lion. It’s hard to avoid laughing after reading this oddly placed reference until we keep on reading a little further and find out that Cecil’s brother, Jericho” was killed in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. At least we know CNN is not attempting to claim that Jericho is a cheetah, a bear, or an ISIS terrorist. Sure this was probably on oversight but we prefer to believe it’s a major news network attempting to cover all of its truthful bases.