These People Had The Perfect Opportunity To Take A Pic Of A Statue And The Results Are Hilarious

There are plenty of statues in the world, frozen into whatever curious position they’ve been carved into. Luckily for our amusement, there are just as many hilarious people who could think of nothing better to do than to take advantage of those statues! Just wait until you see what happens when a little boy sees the perfect opportunity!

I Pick You

Looks like he’s got your nose! It was a fabulous day for gold digging and we don’t mean in the mines. This guy was pretty clever and a little gross — we have to admit — for going so far as to put his nose on this statue’s finger. We don’t even want to imagine where that finger has been. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was the first person to take a selfie? (Not really but you have to see this one!)

The Custody Battle

This guy and this statue can’t seem to agree on who gets to spend time with their statue daughter for the day! All jokes aside, we can’t say that it seems very safe for this statue mom to be tossing around her daughter like that! Good thing they’re frozen in time.

Give Me My Money, You Punk!

Looks like this statue cherub is not one to be messed with! Don’t ever borrow money from a cherub, because they’ll really hand it to you if you don’t repay your debts. Looks like this guy was a little late on payback after borrowing money for his lotto tickets. Coming up, you’ll see another reason why you don’t want to mess with statues!

Not Today, Sister

If there were ever an evil step-mom or girlfriend of your father to look out for, it might be this lady. Just look at how she stopped this statue girl as she’s running to hug her statue father! But nope, there are some women who don’t care that their man has kids.

You Need A Drink

This statue has had enough of the world and is praying to the gods for some relief. Luckily, they answered his prayers as this guy walked by and he just happened to have an extra beer on hand. If only getting a free beer was that easy. We’d be doing it all the time!

Don’t Let Them Take Me!

This boy is fearing for his life right now! In a cinematic world, these statues would undoubtedly come to life and try to take this boy with them to the underworld. Good thing this is the real world though and this boy is just really clever. Props to him for managing to stay up there that long! You think this is aggressive? Wait until you see what happens when you cross Ronald McDonald!

There’s Nothing To Find Here, Partner

At least buy him a drink first! This statue is getting a little too curious with this guy. He’s probably amazed at the modern day denim jeans the man wears, as his own aren’t quite so comfortable (after all, they are made of bronze).

Not Today, Junior!

This guy is the ultimate bully of school-aged statues. However malicious this photo seems to be, we have to admit that it is pretty funny and clever. Let’s just hope that this guy doesn’t treat actual school-aged children (or anyone for that matter) like this. Maybe he was just having a bad day and felt like kicking something in the face. This can’t be nearly as bad as what a beloved fast food character has done!

Got Any Three’s?

There’s nothing like an afternoon chilling, just hanging out with the boys! On this day, they’re hours deep into a rousing game of go fish. While it looks like the statue on the left is killing the game, the two in the middle have a bit of a bone to pick with each other.

You Got The Cash?

It looks like there is an exchange going on here. What better place to get such a thing done than in a crowded place! We can only imagine what this guy is getting paid for. But if we had to guess, we’d suppose he might be getting his hands on some contraband “bring-me-to-life” serum.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Benjamin Franklin has done a lot for society in his time. He gave us the lightning rod and bifocals, but he’s probably dismayed at the fact that he wasn’t the one who came up with a front-facing camera on a smartphone. Like many old people though, he seems to have trouble getting acclimated to this technology.

He Shouldn’t Have Gone To Burger King

Looks like Ronald McDonald isn’t the happy and friendly clown we all thought he was. Cross him by eating at a competitor restaurant and you’ll never get the end of it. The only thing you’ll be getting is a super-sized smackdown. Sometimes statues can be nice. They might even feed you as you’ll soon see!

Watch Where You’re Going

How rude! This guy was just walking down the street, minding is own business when this statue had the audacity to flail his arms about, smacking this innocent Superman into oblivion. We’re sure no apology was exchanged either but that’s probably due to the fact that he is a statue and can’t talk.

It’s Been So Long!

Here’s this statue again, but instead he seems to be rejoicing at the fact that he’s seeing his longtime friend after so many years! In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was the same guy to offer him a free beer! It’s so wonderful how beer can bring people together.

She Just Can’t Bear It

Sorry, we had to say it. Puns aside, we can’t help but wonder if this photo is meant to show the woman being saved or taken. Our guess would be that she is being saved, because who wouldn’t love to hear a story about a heroic bear? Coming up, there’s another statue that might be a hero to those who are hungry…

He Messed With The Wrong Crowd

Don’t ever get involved with the wrong crowd, folks. They seem nice and friendly one day, but before you know it, they’ll turn around and gang up on you! Just look at this poor guy, getting beaten up because he decided to make fun of their permanent positions as statues…

Excuse Me, Sir!

Looks like this statue has his hands full — full of something he shouldn’t! Nobody likes to be groped (the girl in the picture looks quite amused, but trust us, she must be peeved) and in today’s social climate this is the last thing you want to get caught doing!

Don’t Mind If I Do!

This guy has the right idea! Who wouldn’t love to be served grapes this way? We mean, so long as you don’t choke on them when they land in your mouth! We hope this guy eventually realized that no real grapes were to come out of this situation. This would be one case where we wish statues would come to life.

High Five!

This guy got the ultimate high-five picture with his statue buddy. He’s probably high-fiving this statue for his service to the country because who wouldn’t want to high-five a solider for that reason?! We would! We wonder how long it took them to get this photo just right…

You’re Outta Here!

Here’s another statue you just wouldn’t want to mess with! We wonder what this guy did to deserve to be kicked in the butt — a kick so hard that he’s being sent into mid-air! This is a genius photo and we can only imagine how hard it was for this guy to jump up that high!

All The Single Statues!

This is the famous dance from Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed song, “Single Ladies”. The statue has the pose down almost perfectly but the ladies get it done just right. The hilariousness here is at an all-time high. Because at first glance it doesn’t look like the statue is doing anything like that but once you add in the girls it makes perfect sense.

Down He Goes

Whoops! It looks like someone is having too much fun with this one. The concept of this statue is interesting because you hardly see anything like this. This man took advantage and cemented himself forever in the ranks of funny statue poses. That’s a funny man you see right there.

Ride The Giant Bird

This statue bird is huge. Personally, I think if anyone wouldn’t want to sit on top of this bird then they need more excitement in their life. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a statue in a hilarious way. It looks like he just came down from the heavens.

Hold On Tight

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. This heavy set man of a statue in the back is doing an iconic pose. This guy did it alongside him and the picture came out priceless. From now on, whenever you see a statue like this, you must take a picture similar.

No, Not Spidey!

It would appear that Spiderman has met his match. This statue has got Spidey by the neck and it looks like he may be on the verge of defeat. All seriousness, that is a pretty advanced Spiderman outfit. The details are great and for a second, I thought this was a deleted scene from the actual movie.

Bring The Battle

Dinosaur statues have always been interesting. Seeing an extinct larger than life animal that used to walk this Earth is a site to see. What’s even better to see, is a snowman going to battle against said dinosaur statues. A perfect snowman built just for this picture is awesome.

Keep It A Secret

This statue has something in its hand and this boy wants it for himself. In a very mischevious way, he is looking around to ensure no one can see that he is taking this item from the lifeless object. The boy in front of the camera caught the picture but even he doesn’t know what’s really going on.

Keep It Holy

This young lady must have done something extremely bad if she is afraid of the blessing this statue is attempting to give her. This photo is priceless and should sit well with all of those who don’t believe in the church. Not everyone has courage like this.

Someone’s Been Bad

When you haven’t been a good girl you head to this statue of shame so it can give you a nice paddle to make you act right again. And this statue isn’t women exclusive, males can take the hit as well. When he isn’t slapping people to discipline, it looks like he’s just clapping.

That Look

The look you make when your friend asks you want another shot even though you just downed five in a row. Of course, I want another! The details on this statue are great. It captures his expression with great precision. She makes the perfect face in return.

So, Tell Me…

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help and advice from a qualified person. Too bad this guy is getting advice from the wrong person. I hope he doesn’t give stale advice. Therapy can be risky sometimes.

Nap Time With Emma

Sometimes you just have to take a load off. And if you see a bench with a lovely statue, go for it. It looks like he is really being comforted as well. If only all benches came equipped with a sweet lady ready for us to take a nap in her lap as she makes sure we’re okay. Sounds like a good grandmother.

Batter Up!

This kid just wants to get his head knocked off. He gets really into if you look closely at his right foot. It’s on the toes so you know the rest of his body is sure to follow. This is probably one of the more cliche statue pictures there is out there but that doesn’t mean it’s not a classic.

Soar High With Champagne!

Now, this is a statue picture. This young man brought two bottles of whatever (let’s go with champagne) and he made that bird his pet. He deserves a medal for his creativity. Celebrating on top of a huge fake bird is one of the best celebrations there can be.

He Missed A Spot

This is perfect. That is the exact pose people make when shaving. Even without the razor there, I ask myself if he was practicing his shaving technique. Kudos to the person that did this first. Chances are there are many others to have thought about doing this.

He’s A Thief!

While the couple is saying their farewells, this man is trying to pull a fast one. This is a good one too. It should also be a telling sign for others that they should always keep an eye on their stuff. You never know when a man in a tank top and flip flops is going to try and thieve you.

The Mightiest Of Hits

No, that isn’t Thor but it is someone with a very similar hammer. This kid wanted to post this on Instagram to show his followers how clever he is. Little does he know, there are a ton of other statues where you can make it look like you’re getting attacked.

The Best Double Date

This is probably the best double date two young ladies could have. Two strong and big mean made from gold! You can see by their body language that they are all for it. What do you think they first thought when they saw these two statues? “Hey, girl lets take a sexy picture with them!”

Let’s Dance!

He took his chance when he saw all these statues tip-toeing around. All he wanted to do was join the dance party! Although, he is awfully close to the edge of that base. If there was an after picture that showcased him falling, that would have made this 100 times better.

Give Me My Arm!

This is gold. A giant statue eating your arm is something a child would love to see. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took this just for a child he has. Another question is, why is this statue of a baker have his mouth open wide enough to have someone put their arm in?

Help The Hare

It looks like four hares aren’t going to be enough to help the young hare up. So who comes to the rescue? A young toddler, that’s who. We all know he isn’t going to lift that statue but does he know that? Someone should go get him.

Whoops! Did That Hurt?

That has to hurt! But wait, did she really need those papers? I hope those weren’t important and the kicks in and carries them away. To risk losing your work over a statue is true dedication. I appreciate her commitment to the cause.

Stay In A Single File Line

This little girl is out there breaking the rules. She’s having fun with the boy in the back of the line after they were all told to stay in an orderly fashion. This is why kids get in trouble because they don’t follow simple instructions.

Let’s Take A Picture

I’m almost certain that the statue here is Albert Einstein. Who wouldn’t want a selfie with the genius!? This guy has the right idea. In fact, this is the most acceptable statue picture on this list so far. Tell me where to go so I can take a photo like this.

Give Me A Smooch

This little girl has taken chivalry and turned it on its head. She took the liberty to initiate the first kiss. Not every girl has the courage to be the one making the first move. That boy must have been extra excited about this.

Do You Know How To Get There?

Sometimes you just have to ask the nearest person for directions. Even if they are a statue. You never know you might get a response. It looks like this woman did but sadly, the statue didn’t know how to get there either. Maybe the next person will.

Can We Talk?

When your lady is in a bad mood then you’re pretty much out of luck. Do you really want to talk to her when she carrying the attitude of 1000 women? Not really, but this guy doesn’t seem to care at all. Hopefully, it doesn’t end poorly.

Drag Him

This guy must have done something horribly wrong to have deserved this. Being dragged across the hard floor like that is brutal. The way he has his leg set up for this picture is perfect. It’s as if this has happened to him before.

Giant Bird

Having to look a bird in the eye that is this large would be a scary experience. Good thing this is fake but the face he is making on the ground probably portrays the real face he would make if this actually happened. One peck and you’re done.

Line Up

There’s something strange going on with these statues. It looks like the little girl is trying to pull down the pants of the person in front of her. The little boy notices it and is making a face. But what happened to that piece of the statue where he is standing?

Quick, Save Her!

It is going to take a little more people than that to help that little girl. The family that is trying to help looks like they are putting up a good effort. And if they aren’t trying to save her and just want a turn having a swing around then they really won’t achieve that.

Hey, Did You See This?

Whatever meme this guy is showing this statue, I want to see it now. The statue looks genuinely interested. But in all seriousness, what is the statue even looking at in the first place? Did they design it to contemplate life? So many questions here.

Take Me As I Am

Love is in the air! Or maybe it’s sitting on a bench as a statue. The statue is pretty much sweeping this young lady off her feet with no hesitation. What’s supposed to be the original pose for this anyway? The statue seems to be in an odd position.

Did You Hear Me?

Apparently, this statue is hard of hearing. And this older gentleman might not be able to hear that well either so this is an interesting duo. A day of saying things louder than you have to just ensure the other person heard you, priceless.

Watch Your Leg, Please

Consider her leg a goner. That statue looks quite fierce and like it has a big appetite so this might have been the last time that lady ever got to use her leg. Are there any more statues in the area that look like this one? If not, that might be a little creepy with just one huge head on the ground.

Get Her Head!

Usually, this neat trick is pulled in the reverse. A human will stand at a distance and make it appear that he or she is bigger than the statue. Here, we see the opposite. This statue is showcasing its prowess by pinching this woman’s head.

Peepin’ Tom

Okay now, things are getting a little carried away with this one. Was the statue curious of which type of boxers this man wears? Did this man file charges against this statue? You don’t just go around doing things like this and think there won’t be repercussions.

Can I Borrow A Light?

And here we are with an example of how to make yourself look larger than life. You have to find the perfect angle and once you do that, you take the picture. If you’re really good then you can make the Statue of Liberty give you a light to smoke.

Don’t Test Him

This guy must watch a lot of action films. Also, the photography must have been a good one. How many tries do you think it took for this to actually come out looking good. Unless that is, he is using just his other leg as support to stay in the air like that.

He Just Wanted A Cold One

After a long presidency that saw your hair go from black to grey, sometimes all you want to do is crack open a cold one. Look, now he is all smiles. Hopefully, Michelle Obama approves of this message or might be a long night at their new house.