These Packaging Fails Are Totally Inappropriate

Have you ever seen a product on the shelf of a store and wondered what in the world the manufacturer was thinking when they were packaging it? Didn’t they realize that the logo looks like a man’s nether region? Packaging and labeling a product seems like an easy enough task, but these products failed miserably. Whether it’s due to a language barrier, lack of attention to detail, or simple illiteracy, these packaging fails will leave you scratching your head in confusion about how these products ever made their way out of the factory.

Their “O” Face

packaging-fail-funny-you-had-one-job-1__605 2.jpg

These little plastic dinosaur toys seem to be having way more fun then they were intended to be having. Seriously, could their positioning and expressions be any more perfectly dirty? The two large ones are the main attraction, giving their best “O” faces, but check out that little one on the bottom, sneaking in on some of the action. That other little dinosaur in the back may not be directly involved in all the nastiness, but it definitely has a little smirk on its face as a content voyeur. We’re just amazed that they could accidentally fall into such perfect positions (unless, of course, it was the deliberate action of a comedic employee).