These NFL Fights Between Teammates Ended Careers And Sparked Controversy

Emotions run high in the NFL, both on and off the field. Sometimes players get so upset they fight their own teammates. In rare cases, they even fight their coaches! From career-ending injuries to the collapse of a players career, fighting your own teammates can have disastrous consequences.

You won’t believe what Bill Romanowski did that ended his teammate’s professional football career.

Geno Smith Gets Punched In The Face, Ending His 2015 Season Before It Began

Geno Smith can't play after getting punched by teammate

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Before the 2015 season ever began, New York Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith upset teammate IK Enemkpali for failing to pay him back for transportation costs. IK, angry his $600 debt was not paid in full, took it upon himself to teach Smith a lesson and punched him in the face, breaking his jaw. The sucker punch effectively ended Smith’s season. By the time Geno was game ready, journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick had a stranglehold on the job. Enemkpali, for his part in the brawl, was cut immediately and joined former coach Rex Ryan on the Bills. Luckily for Smith, the hit didn’t end his career, unlike another player on our list.

Steve Smith Sr. Takes His Anger Out On Ken Lucas

Steve Smith Sr. once fought a teammate during a film session

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Steve Smith Sr. may be a future Hall of Famer, but that doesn’t mean he always kept his cool on the field. Known to run his mouth, Smith Sr. had quite the verbal relationship with Panthers teammate Ken Lucas. During a 2008 practice session, that relationship turned physical as Smith Sr. punched Lucas in the face and had to be pulled away by Jon Beason. By that point, the damage was already done and Lucas had to be carted to the locker room. Smith Sr. appeared remorseful after the incident, reportedly apologizing to Lucas directly after. One teammate, Smith Sr. did not apologize to was Anthony Bright after another incident.

That’s not all we have from Steve Smith Sr. as you’re about to discover.

Steve Smith Sr. Doesn’t Like The Film Room, He Prefers Punching Teammates

Steve Smith Sr. enjoys fighting teammates

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Steve Smith Sr. was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault in 2002 after tackling practice squad teammate Anthony Bright during a film session. Knowing the look was not a good one, Smith Sr. turned himself over to authorities after the scuffle. Smith was eventually released on bail. Bright suffered a broken nose and was hospitalized for two nights following the altercation. Unlike his spat with Ken Lucas, there was no prior indication of issues between the two athletes. Most likely the fight stemmed from the Panthers 3-7 record at the time and Steve Smith Sr. being a hot head in general.

Adrian Peterson Wants The Ball But Sean Payton Doesn’t Care

Adrian Peterson is not happy with head coach Sean Payton

Hannah Foslien / Getty Images

When Adrian Peterson signed with the New Orleans Saints before the 2017 season, logic dictated he would not be heavily featured in a running back rotation that included Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. Peterson never bought into that logic, instead, blowing up at head coach Sean Payton during a mid-September match where he barked at his boss, then gave him the death stare to end all death stares. Payton responded by turning his back on the former star, probably not the reaction Peterson was looking for. Shortly after the outburst, Peterson was traded to the Arizona Cardinals.

Jaguars Top-Ranked Defense Can’t Handle Getting Torched.

Jacksonville Jaguars defense upset with each other

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Another highlight reel fight from the 2017 NFL season, the Jacksonville Jaguars defense fell apart in more way than one during a beatdown by 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during a late December bout. Falling behind 10-0 after a quarter, Jaguars’ defensive end Malik Jackson and safety Aaron Colvin had to be held back by teammates after getting in each other’s faces. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop the fight in time to save the Gatorade jug! The unlucky incident left Jacksonville no liquid to dump on their coach after learning they had clinched their division despite losing the game.

Bill Romanowski Ends Marcus Williams Career For Holding Him In Practice

Bill Romanowski with the Raiders

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Bill Romanowski was one of the most violent linebackers to ever play in the NFL. He was such a hot head he would regularly get into fights with his own teammates. Playing for the Oakland Raiders in 2003, Romanowski reportedly had enough of teammate Marcus Williams holding him during practice. To teach Williams a lesson, Romanowski ripped Williams’ helmet off and punched him in the face. Williams never played again and sued Romanowski for a broken eye socket, double vision, a concussion, memory loss, and depression. Romanowski was ordered to pay Williams $300,000 when the case settled in 2005.

If you think this is bad, wait until you see what Michael Irvin did to a teammate with a pair of scissors.

Richard Sherman Yells At Coaches For Throwing On The One-Yard Line… Again

Richard Sherman doesn't like running on the goal line

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Richard Sherman knows the Seahawks lost the Super to the Patriots because they passed on the one-yard line when they should have run. Handing the ball off would have won the game, instead, an interception by Malcolm Butler killed the comeback. In December 2016 the Seahawks played the Rams on Thursday Night Football and threw a touchdown on 3rd and 1 from the goal line. Sherman didn’t care about the play’s success, however, and got into the face of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. After the game, Sherman claimed he was justified because “we’ve already seen how that goes.” Speaking of Richard Sherman…

That’s not the only in-house fight Richard Sherman has been involved in.

Richard Sherman Can’t Take Criticism And Has To Be Separated From Kris Richard

Richard Sherman gets yelled at by Pete Carroll after yelling at Kris Richard.

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Richard Sherman is proof you can never have too much of a good thing. In October 2016 the Seahawks were playing the Atlanta Falcons when Sherman blew a coverage on Julio Jones for a 36-yard completion that pushed Atlanta back from the brink of defeat. On the sideline, Seattle defensive coordinator Kris Richard tried to talk to Sherman about the play. In response, Sherman slammed his helmet on the ground and tried to physically fight his coach. Head Coach Pete Carroll was able to separate Sherman, who then got into the faces of defensive teammates Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor. No one got hurt, but the Seahawks did lose the game.

Brian Cushing Takes On Antonio Smith After A QB Sack

Brian Cushing once fought Antonio Smith in practice

Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Nearing the end of 9-7 campaign in 2010, the Houston Texans let their emotions boil over in a meaningless game against the Tennessee Titans. After sacking Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing decided to throw his helmet off and attack teammate Antonio Smith. The fight, which came after a great defensive play, was the result of frustrations rising too high during a disappointing season.The sack would have resulted in a dead drive for the Titans, but the penalty for taking his helmet off and fighting a teammate resulted in a first down. That mistake would lead to a field goal and another Texans loss.

Michael Westbrook Brings Stephen Down To The Ground

Michael Westbrook once tackled a teammate in practice

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The pre-season always sees a lot of infighting amongst teammates. An incident in 1997 between Washington Redskins Michael Westbrook and Stephen was a fight for the ages. Always sparring verbally, Westbrook took it the next level when he leveled Stephen Davis, brutally beating him on the ground without pads or a helmet on. The violent scene was captured by local television cameras and Westbrook paid the price. He was fined $50,000 by the league, no small chunk of change back then. Coaches explained away the spat as one where Westbrook just couldn’t walk away when he always had before.

Michael Irvin Stabs Teammate Over Bad Haircut

Michael Irvin makes a stabbing motion after a touchdown

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In 1998 Dallas Cowboys’ Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin took a bad haircut a little too seriously. Irvin, after getting into a war of words with offensive lineman Everett McIver over the haircut disagreement, decided the best course of action was to stab him in the neck with a pair of scissors. The two-inch gash required stitches and Irvin was lucky not to face any consequences. If McIver had decided to press charges, Irvin likely would have faced jail time, already being on probation for drug possession.

Buddy Ryan Punches Assistant Coach Kevin Gilbride On National Television

Buddy Ryan was not an easy coach to please

Buddy Ryan was always quite the personality and never afraid to be blunt. During a nationally televised game in 1993, Ryan got a little too blunt with Kevin Gilbride, his offensive coordinator with the Houston Oilers. Behind the New York Jets 14-0 late in the game, Oilers quarterback Cody Carlson tried to run the ball to surprise the Jets defense. The play backfired when Carlson fumbled the ball and New York recovered. Furious about the play call, Buddy Ryan raced over to Gilbride on the sideline and socked him in the face. Did we mention this was on national television?

Calvin Pryor Fights His Way Out Of Cleveland

Calvin Pryor career as a brown was short lived

Nick Cammett / Diamond Images / Getty Images

When former 1st round draft pick Calvin Pryor was traded to the Cleveland Browns before the start of the 2017 season he thought a fresh start would be the best thing for him. Unfortunately, he never got that start, instead getting released from the team after fighting wide receiver Ricardo Louis before practice one day. Maybe that was Pryor’s master plan as he was then claimed by the Jaguars, who would make it all the way to the AFC Championship game. Cleveland, on the other hand, would go on to lose all 16 games after an undefeated preseason.

Daunte Culpepper Throws Chairs And Takes Name

Daunte Culpepper once fought a tight end while with the Vikings

Joe Robbins / Getty Images

Beating the Steelers wasn’t enough to satisfy Daunte Culpepper in 2011. After the game, Culpepper got into an altercation with rookie tight end Shonn Bell. Security quickly rushed in to break up the squabble but didn’t get there soon enough. Before the fight ended Bell and Culpepper threw chairs and food at each other. After the fight, Bell was lead out of the locker room by head coach Mike Tice. Culpepper did not face any punishment, proving again that it pays to be good.

Percy Harvin Punches Golden Tate Before The Super Bowl

Percy Harvin had a short career in Seattle

Harry How / Getty Images

Percy Harvin was a player who could have played out his career with the Seattle Seahawks if he could have kept his head on straight. Sadly, he could not stop fighting with teammates. The most memorable fight came before the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl when Harvin punched Golden Tate, giving him a black eye. Tate got the last laugh, however, as Harvin was traded by Seattle for another fight the next season.

Our next NFL player is headed to the Super Bowl AGAIN and his temper has been observed on the sideline by fans and destractors. Can you guess who’s up next?

Tom Brady Is Over Josh McDaniels Play Calling

Tom Brady yelling at Josh McDaniels

Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe / Getty Images

Tom Brady might be headed to his 8th Super Bowl, but things weren’t always looking so good for him in 2017. During the Patriots week 13 matchup against the Buffalo Bills, Brady missed on a pass intended for Brandin Cooks early in the game. After the play, New England settled for a field goal and Brady began a shouting match versus Josh McDaniels, his offensive coordinator. After the game, Brady described the heated verbal abuse towards his coach as “just football.”

Up next we take a look at Percy Harvin and his ability to constantly throw punches at his teammates. Surprisingly (or not because this is the NFL) it was not his anger that ended his NFL career.

Percy Harvin Throws One Punch Too Many In Seattle

Percy Harvin once fought Golden Tate before the Super Bowl

Jeff Gross / Getty Images

One season after punching Golden Tate and winning the Super Bowl in Seattle, Percy Harvin decided he was hungry for more. Not only did he get into a fight with Doug Baldwin, the team’s franchise receiver, he almost got into a fight with quarterback Russell Wilson, the face of the entire franchise. Seattle quickly decided they had enough of their troubled young star and shipped him off to the New York Jets. Harvin played one season with the Jets before heading to Buffalo. Injuries then forced him to retire in 2017 at the still young 29-years-old.

Up next is one of the most infamous NFL fights of all time.

Roger Staubach’s Backup Gets The Upper Hand

Roger Staubach was once sucker punched a teammate at his locker

Cliff Welch / Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

The year was 1976 when one of the most infamous in-fights in NFL history occurred. During Dallas Cowboys training camp, Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach challenged back up Clint Longley to a fight on a nearby baseball field after overhearing him yell at running back Preston Pearson for dropping a pass. Staubach knocked Longely to the ground, winning the first round. Round two happened mere days later when Longley blindsided Staubach with a sucker punch in front of his locker. Staubach took nine stitches and continued his Hall of Fame career. Longley was fired and was never heard from again.

The next guy on our list attempted to fight the entire Philadelphia Eagles team.

Terrell Owens Fights ALL Of The Eagles

Terrell Owens didn't make a lot of friends as an Eagle

Hunter Martin / Getty Images

Terrell Owens was never the easiest teammate to get along with. Despite Hall of Fame numbers, the retired wide receiver has yet to receive a gold jacket, partly because he never got along with other players. While Owens was with the Eagles he got into a fight with Hugh Douglas that was described as a WWE brawl by teammates, with punches being thrown and bodies being slammed. One Eagle wasn’t enough for Owens though, who challenged the entire team to fight him after the incident. He lasted a season and a half in Philly before heading to Dallas and ending his career in Cincinnati. Speaking of Cincinnati…

Vontaze Burfict Takes Out Giovanni Bernard At The Knees After ACL Surgery

Vontaze Burfict once tackled a teammate low following ACL surgery

Joe Robbins / Getty Images

Vontaze Burfict is one of the dirtiest players in NFL history and this list would not be complete without including him somewhere. Giovanni Bernard missed the final six games of the 2016 season after tearing his ACL. Entering training camp healthy before the 2017 season was a dream come true for Bernard until Burfict tackled him low during a practice drill. Bernard’s teammates came to his defense and engaged Bufict in fisticuffs. Hours later the pair were seen laughing the fight off on the sidelines in one of the weirdest training camp moments of the 2017 offseason.