These NFL Fights Between Teammates Ended Careers And Sparked Controversy

Emotions run high in the NFL, both on and off the field. Sometimes players get so upset they fight their own teammates. In rare cases, they even fight their coaches! From career-ending injuries to the collapse of a players career, fighting your own teammates can have disastrous consequences.

You won’t believe what Bill Romanowski did that ended his teammate’s professional football career.

Geno Smith Gets Punched In The Face, Ending His 2015 Season Before It Began

Geno Smith can't play after getting punched by teammate

Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Before the 2015 season ever began, New York Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith upset teammate IK Enemkpali for failing to pay him back for transportation costs. IK, angry his $600 debt was not paid in full, took it upon himself to teach Smith a lesson and punched him in the face, breaking his jaw. The sucker punch effectively ended Smith’s season. By the time Geno was game ready, journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick had a stranglehold on the job. Enemkpali, for his part in the brawl, was cut immediately and joined former coach Rex Ryan on the Bills. Luckily for Smith, the hit didn’t end his career, unlike another player on our list.