These Math Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Mathematics can be challenging. While for some people it may come naturally, for others, it is a lifelong battle that they can never conquer. The problem is, math is useful in the real world. We rely on it for calculating sales, paying bills, building cities, and countless other essential tasks. Luckily, non-math people usually aren’t in charge of these tasks, yet they still have to face basic math on a day-to-day basis. This is where problems happen. Here are some downright sad attempts at math.

Check out the college students who don’t even know how many hours are in a day.

Completely Giving Up


Photo Credits: outergalactic_hobo_kicker / Instagram

This student has completely given up. Instead of leaving the answer blank, they at least had the dignity to put something on the paper. Although it’s just a drawing of a pig, it most likely made the teacher laugh.

What A Deal!


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Apparently, the employees at Nike aren’t all that great at math and should stick to designing clothing. To not know the difference between $1 and $5 is a little bit concerning. Hopefully, this didn’t fool anybody into believing they saved $5.

Foolproof Logic


Photo Credits: queefsurfer / Instagram

Elementary school is a particular kind of place. You don’t have to know the difference between 3 and 10, and you can even draw rainbows to explain your reasoning. The only issue here is that this student probably had to stay after school for some extra tutoring from the teacher.

Makes Sense


Photo Credits: twistedwhisker_yvr / Instagram

This store probably thought that they were pulling a fast one on their customers, which ultimately backfired on them. If you pay attention, you may find yourself saving more money than you thought, or catching math mistakes that the store didn’t notice.

More Time In Class And Less Time Tweeting


Photo Credits: hahhibbs / Instagram

Sociology 342 is an upper-division college course, which makes this math fail that much more painful to see. Knowing the difference between 24 hours and 48 hours is something that you learn at a young age but apparently is something that you forget in college. We’re sure that this student got a great grade.

Ever wonder why some people refer to the police as “12”? Well, we’re still wondering.

Good Answer


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This kind of test answer is cute and funny when little kids do it. But from looking at the exam, this is a college exam which made it go from cute to sad. While this may work on your 3rd-grade teacher, chances are that your college professor isn’t going to be as amused.

Somebody Was Pleasantly Suprised


Photo Credits: hllzjezebelle / Instagram

Somebody who bought this without doing the math was probably pleasantly surprised to learn that they had saved an extra $50. We wonder if the same mistake was made at all other Target stores. That’s the problem with mass production.

Nice Try, Bud


Photo Credits: itskalanotkayla / Instagram

It looks like Zach Thigpen had his universe shattered when he learned that he had been lied to about the meaning of “12”. Although it may make sense for a second, if you think about it for just another second you’ll realize it’s wrong. Zach never thought for that extra second and has probably told countless people that 9+1+1= 12.

The Ultimate Brain Fart


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This person forgot to add the tip and instead subtracted it from the bill. Either they weren’t paying attention or had one too many drinks during dinner. Although their intentions were pure, we’re sure the waiter was slightly confused by this accident. Hopefully, they added the tip to the bill.

Discounted beef is the best beef, right?

I Guess That Works


Photo Credits: dcola84 / Instagram

Although calculating the tip isn’t the most fun thing to do, it saves your server time and is also safer. Putting 20% and “math” as the total means that it can be changed to almost anything because the customer never actually wrote a number. Make sure your server liked you before attempting something like this.

Discounted Ground Beef


Photo Credits: thecubanwitch / Instagram

Buying discounted ground beef can already be a risky move, and if the math is also completely off, you might want to buy at full price. 33% is a random amount to be discounted, but that’s not even the point. Odds are, the person who purchased this meat because it was 33% off didn’t also look at the price difference.

You’re Fired


Photo Credits: elovell10 / Instagram

When you’re calculating deals and percentages, it’s probably to have it double — if not triple — checked. Either that or have someone that you know can do it right complete the task. The employee assigned to this job didn’t know what they were doing.

What do you do when your calculator fails you?

As If Gas Isn’t Expensive Enough


Photo Credits: doyouevenmath / Instagram

When it comes to math, the smallest mistake can completely change the meaning of everything. This is what makes math so hard for some people and fun for the weird people who like it. This gas sign is a prime example of the precise nature of mathematics and how one decimal point can change everything. Something tells us this station didn’t get many customers that day.

You’ve Failed Me


Photo Credits: blessedandbakedmotherhood / Instagram

For all of us who aren’t math savvy, the calculator is our best friend. For the most part, they are reliable, relatively easy to use, and are on almost every cell phone. However, this person’s calculator has failed them. An error is the last thing that any calculator user wants to see.

So Close, Yet So Far


Photo Credits: that_70s_kidd / Instagram

As if the sign wasn’t janky enough to make you want to avoid putting your money into this machine, then the math should. We’re not sure if this was an honest mistake or some scheme, but it’s sad no matter how you look at it. We wonder if anyone bought the Left Hand Nitro 6-pack thinking that they saved $2.

Walmart doesn’t even try to trick their customers.

Nice One Walmart


Photo Credits: Danny Nicholson / Flickr

When it comes to fooling their customers, it looks like Walmart has zero shame. All it takes is one look to realize that the price has been raised instead of lowered, but we’re sure that some people still assumed they got a deal because it said “clearance.”

Math Is Universally Hard


Photo Credits: Hibernian / Imgur

As it turns out, Americans aren’t the only people that struggle with math. Somebody in Europe had a serious misunderstanding of what half price means and raised the price instead of, well, cutting it in half. And by the looks of it, somebody bought one. Should have been more attentive!

A Blatant Contradiction


Photo Credits: Imgur

When you’re a company as big as Dr. Pepper, it’s in your best interest to make sure that all of your labelings are correct and your statements aren’t contradictory. Unfortunately, Dr. Pepper failed to do so with this product and anybody who cared to read the bottle would notice what the problem is.

It’s Cheaper To Buy In Bulk


Photo Credits: Welltechnicallythatistrue / Imgur

It is cheaper to buy in bulk. That’s a known fact, so people often don’t do the math themselves when they see there is a deal to buy more for less. Sometimes, they may not even realize they’re paying more than if they purchased two items separately which is precisely what happened to anyone who bought two of these cat t-shirts.

No, Thank You


Photo Credits: livingfromcancer / Instagram

As if going to the grocery store wasn’t bad enough, the moment they start throwing math problems at you is when you feel like cutting your losses and heading home. There are very few people who would ever have a chance of figuring this out on the spot or would even dare to try. It’s likely this product was never sold.