These Math Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Mathematics can be challenging. While for some people it may come naturally, for others, it is a lifelong battle that they can never conquer. The problem is, math is useful in the real world. We rely on it for calculating sales, paying bills, building cities, and countless other essential tasks. Luckily, non-math people usually aren’t in charge of these tasks, yet they still have to face basic math on a day-to-day basis. This is where problems happen. Here are some downright sad attempts at math.

Check out the college students who don’t even know how many hours are in a day.

Completely Giving Up


Photo Credits: outergalactic_hobo_kicker / Instagram

This student has completely given up. Instead of leaving the answer blank, they at least had the dignity to put something on the paper. Although it’s just a drawing of a pig, it most likely made the teacher laugh.