These Malfunctioning Signs Are Hilarious

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with endless amounts of billboards and neon signs usually advertising something that we probably couldn’t care less about. Yet, once in a blue moon, we are treated with a sign that has a malfunction, giving the sign a totally new and hysterical meaning. From major retailers to mom-and-pop shops, it’s incredible what one little malfunction can do to the branding on an entire store. Click through to see what happened at Big Lots!

Blockbuster After Hours

As a child, not much could compare to the uncontainable excitement of going to Blockbuster on Friday nights. The smell of popcorn, the shelves of candy, and the endless movie collection was the pinnacle of any kid’s week. Apparently, little did we know, that after our movie had ended and we were fast asleep Blockbuster took on a new look for a new set of customers. It appears that what was once crowded with eager kids selecting movies, turned into a much more deviant kind of video store. We wonder what kind of crowd this sign attracted at 2 am?