These Late Stars Have Ongoing Feuds Over Their Estates

When a celebrity passes away, they often leave a hefty fortune behind for their descendants. But this can get messy when one or more of these descendants don’t agree with the terms of the will — if there even is a will at all! Cases like these are proof that the drama doesn’t stop for these stars, even when they’re no longer with us. Some celebrity estates continue to wage war against inheritance seekers or those who use a profit off late celebrities for personal gain. But first, would you believe that it’s been over two years since Prince died and people are still claiming to be related to him?

Woman Claims To Be Prince’s Long-Lost Daughter Two Years After His Passing


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Two years after Prince’s passing in 2016, his estate is still shaking off people who are trying to lay claim to it. A woman named Snowe Melinda Saxman filed paperwork in Minnesota claiming that she was Prince’s biological daughter in May 2018.

Saxman says that she was adopted and never knew who her birth parents were. The woman claimed that she had “substantial physical, temperamental and aspirational similarities to Prince.” She also claimed that a DNA test linked her with people in Prince’s family tree, though not to the late singer himself as his DNA is not in the system.