These Grandparents Understand Life Better Than Us So Listen Up

If it wasn’t for the wisdom of our grandparents we might wander through life like a bunch of Walking Dead zombies. Grandma and Grandpa know how to fix what hinders us and they do it in their own funny, brave, and incredibly unique ways. Perhaps, most importantly, is their ability to prove once and for all that there are better and more amusing ways to live out our lives.

Here are a bunch of grandparents who are showing younger generations what it means to live life to the fullest.

One Passing Grade At A Time

This grandpa wants every one of their grandchildren to recognize the importance of learning everything life has to offer. He keeps a collection of hats on his wall—one for each college a grandchild graduates from. He reminds us that we should learn everything we can in life and support others who want to do the same.

Love Is For Everyone

Do what makes you feel young regardless of your age. This great-grandmother is getting married again and she feels like a million bucks. Our grandparents remind us that it’s never too late to find what makes us happy. Be brave about going after your favorite things and you could grow old and still feel like a teenager.

It’s All About Winning. Winning. Winning

Grandma Patsy wants her grandchildren to know that they should never settle for second place. As she puts it, “NO Irena. That’s not what it’s all about. It’s about winning. Winning winning winning. Get serious sweetheart.” Yes, we should be good sports but never pushing ourselves to succeed isn’t going to help us throughout life.

Don’t Let Life Slow You Down

This grandma attending #DragonCon17 has finally revealed the person who will claim the Iron Throne! On a more serious note, she reminds us that a sense of childlike wonder can keep us feeling young. You don’t have to stop doing something you love just because you have a few more wrinkles and some added responsibility.

Keep Believing In Whatever Inspires You

She argued for women’s rights and never gave up her love of fighting to stop injustices against anyone who needs help. This grandma reminds us that we are never too old to not only help others but give up on the pleasantries if it means raising awareness for important issues.

Learning Is A Life Long Mission

This 74-year-old grandma went back to college and received her first degree in psychoanalytic studies. She quickly inspired her granddaughter who posted this picture to Twitter. They say you can’t teach an old dog new trick but this grandma reminds us that we are always learning and should never stop being curious.

Image Matters

This grandma might not “get” current fashion trends but she does understand the importance of reaching out and helping the people we love. Her grandson, Nick, probably had a good laugh at her Facebook message. We just hope he realizes that his grandma taught him an important lesson about always understanding how you are perceived by the people around you.

Do You

95 years old and jumping on a paddle board for a swim in the ocean? This grandma is the perfect example of living life to its fullest. We don’t need to slow down all that much just because it takes longer to get out of bed in the morning and we don’t move as quickly in our older age.

Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

This grandma is constantly reminding her granddaughter that life is sometimes only as hard as we make it. If you are feeling rushed, stressed out, or you simply want a break — take it! We have a lot of bills to pay and other life moments but at the end of the day, we need to take time for ourselves.

Be Switzerland

Two grandchildren attending two different schools? That is not a problem for this grandmother and her two-sided shirt. She obviously wants to show support for her family members but she also reminds us that we don’t have to pick sides. Be Switzerland because sometimes that’s the best thing to be.

Don’t Be Serious All The Time

Grandma of the year material? This grandma decided to take that Cancun spring break vacation she has always wanted and she posted some amazing photos. Here is a grandma with her “girls” as they chug down a bunch of shots. She reminds us that sometimes life is just supposed to be fun and we should just do whatever makes us the happiest.

Don’t Just Sit In A Rocker… Also Roll

A band of rock and rolling grandparents? There’s no reason to stop showing love to the things that we grew up with and made us happy. This entire group of grandmas and grandpas remind us to find true friendship and share our love of something with the people closest to us. Apparently, The Rolling Stones have been doing things right for 50+ years on the road together.

Be Like Tigger

Okay, maybe we are taking this picture a little too literally but think about it for a moment. Tigger is one of a kind, he doesn’t pay attention to what other people think about him, he has boundless energy, and he’s always up for fun. This grandpa showed his support for his grandchild but also proved yet again that age is just a silly number we should ignore.

Nurture Love And Let It Grow

Flowers after 40 years? This grandfather reminds us that love isn’t something we win in a lottery but rather something we have to work at. Nurture the feelings you originally had for your loved one and you could end up with 40 years of wedded bliss and that feeling you had the first time you met the love of your life.

Record The Past

This grandpa wrote stories about every time he hung out with his granddaughter from two to five years old. He reminds us that it’s important to look forward to the future while celebrating the past. He also celebrates the idea that we can relive some of life’s most important and transformative moments with the people we love.

You’re Never Too Old To Be Your Best Self

This grandpa was offered a seat on the subway and then he took matters into his own hands. He reminds us that we shouldn’t allow our own prejudices to judge a book by its cover. This is also a superb example of never feeling like age should stand in the way of the things we want to accomplish.

Be A Lifelong Learner

This grandpa inspired his granddaughter to always remember that following her dreams is the ultimate experience in life. 82 years old and heading to college is no easy feat but that’s the point of life – to always find something that challenges us and then spreading our wings and hoping we can fly.

Be A Flower Girl – For Life

All eyes on you. A crowd of people who think you’re adorable. Never let go of that flower girl feeling or the actual desire to be a flower girl. We impose a lot of age-related restrictions on the things that can make us happy. This grandma is a great example of never letting go just because of age.

Chill Out

This grandma is just chilling, apparently with some jello shots. Life is one big party and then we die, so enjoy it while you can. The fact that she is reminding her granddaughter to have fun and relax is a good sign. We don’t have to be serious all the time just because we get older. Party on!

Go Big Or Go Home

Do you want to show your loved ones that you’re all-in with their lives? This grandpa shows school spirit for his grandchild’s alma mater every single day. He reminds us that nothing is more important than family and we should get involved with their lives in ways we know will bring them joy.