These Celebs Aren’t Fans Of Meghan Markle

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they were dating in 2016, there have been equal parts support and backlash for the Suits star. The duo was set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and clearly hit it off, seeing as they tied the knot in May 2018. Despite their nuptials, that hasn’t stopped celebs from voicing their less-than-nice opinions about the new Duchess. While some claim she’s in it for the fame, others have revealed their distaste for the whole royal family.

Erin Foster Called Meghan Out In A Hilariously Petty Instagram Story

Erin Foster is a comedy writer and performer who is no stranger to blasting celebs on her Insta-stories, including Meghan. In November 2017, Erin posted an old photo of Meghan on Deal or No Deal with the caption “Never forget.” The hilarious story only got snarkier from there.

The next picture was of Meghan again on Deal or No Deal — this time holding a briefcase. Over the briefcase, Erin added, “This briefcase is filled with my plans to be famous.” Oooh, girl! The petty photos continued, and although they were funny, they pretty blatantly accused Meghan of being a fame-hungry social climber. Ah, gotta love social media.