These Celebs Are Sleighing In Their Ugly Christmas Sweaters

.’Tis the season to be jolly…and break out our most heinously fashionable Christmas sweaters. Wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater throughout the holiday season is a truly ridiculous and unnecessary tradition that we’re totally behind. What’s better is when celebrities get in on the fun. From 2 Chainz to members of the Royal family, check out which celebs are absolutely sleighing in their ugly Christmas sweaters.

2 Chainz $90,000 Christmas Sweater Is So Extra


In true 2 Chainz fashion, the rapper sported the world’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater ever in 2016. The size large sweater was stacked with a casual 50 carats of diamonds and 250 grams of gold. Mr. Chainz designed and sold the festive piece of fashion to an unknown buyer for a staggering $90,000. All of the proceeds went to charity. Ah, to be rich.

Just-in Time For Christmas


Love him or hate him, we have to give it to the Beebz for sporting this ugly Christmas sweater (that honestly is pretty fly) on stage at one of his shows. We didn’t know ugly Christmas bomber jackets were a thing, but now we want to upgrade our own ugly Christmas sweaters this holiday season.

Bey Sleighs


We’re not sure what to call this one. Is it a sweater? A dress? An ugly Christmas kimono? Whatever it is, leave to Queen Bee herself to make the ugliest of Christmas get-ups looks absolutely fabulous. Beyonce could honestly make even a burlap sack looks good so we’re not really that surprised.

Matt Damon Is Unamused


Matt Damon looks like someone physically forced him into this beautiful Santa-laden Christmas vest seconds before his interview. He’s trying to crack a smile but knows deep down in his core he looks a little ridiculous. Where’s your Christmas spirit, Matt? Is being rich and handsome not enough?

The More The Merrier

This is an ugly Christmas sweater on steroids. We’re not entirely sure how wearing this thing for more than a couple minutes works, but we’re guessing if spiked eggnog is involved things are gonna get weird. We’ll just have to ask Demi, Niall, Sam, and Olly later.

Is That From Kanye’s Own Line?


Ok, so first things first. Does this mean we can expect to see this lovely snowman-emblazoned pullover on the Yeezy runway next year? Will it cost $5,000? The jury is still out on this one, but we’re happy to see that even Kanye can get into the holiday spirit.

Not-So-Jolly John


Christmas sweaters are an interesting thing. You can definitely find one at your local thrift store for five dollars or less. Or, you could go John Mayer’s route an don a vintage Ralph Lauren Christmas sweater like he did on Ellen. The same sweater sold on eBay for a cool $200. Maybe that’s why he looks so annoyed?

A Very Clinton Christmas


Hillary Clinton looks a little bummed here. Perhaps it’s because of the current state of the United States is complete an utter chaos? Or maybe she’s just not that stoked to be hanging out in this ugly Christmas sweater? 2020 is just a few years away, Hilz.

See which favorite pop star made the list next.

From Wrecking Ball To Jingle Ball


She came in like to wrecking—er, we mean jingle—bell. Here’s everyone’s favorite former Disney star donning a very festive Christmas sweater at an event. Miley’s style has evolved so much throughout the last five years that this sweater is probably the most conservative thing she owns.

The Royal Fam Does Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Sort Of


If this picture looks funny to you, you’re not wrong. We totally thought it was the true Royal family donning their best ugly Christmas sweaters for the holidays. We should have known that Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t be caught wearing such a thing (even if her beloved corgi is on it). These are very convincing wax figures! You can see ’em yourself at Madame Tussauds London.

Even Paramore Gets In The Spirit


We’ve gotta give it to Paramore’s leading lady Hayley Williams. With her fiery red hair, plaid trousers, and Christmas vest (that is just the right amount of ugly to still be cute), she’s totally killing the festive fashion game.

It’s A Candycane, We Swear


This might just be the best ugly Christmas sweater on our list. Here’s Snoop Dogg himself look ever-so jolly, accessorizing with a Santa hat and a…candy cane. Yep, that is 100 percent, totally a candy cane and not a joint.

Merry Lit-mas


Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are the definition of BFF goals. Snoop gifted this beautiful Christmas sweater to Willie Nelson and it couldn’t be more fitting for the country music legend. The line is, of course, from Snoop’s very own song “The Next Episode.”

Taylor Swift Believes


It’s almost hard to believe this is actually Taylor Swift. The pop star donned this incredibly hilarious Christmas sweater back in December 2008. Who knew her career would explode even more the following years?


Pharrell’s Festive Fashion


Pharrell is no stranger to the world of fashion, The rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer is also heavily involved in the fashion world, so it’s no surprise he would don one of the most fashionable ugly Christmas sweater on our list.

Olivia Munn Takes Holiday Spirit To The Next Level


Alright, alright, so this isn’t actually a Christmas sweater, but come on. Olivia Munn’s Christmas get-up is too hilarious not to share. The gorgeous X-Men frontwoman donned this amazing snowman costume while on set for the movie Office Christmas Party alongside actor Jason Bateman.

A Comedic Christmas With T.J. Miller


Actor and comedian T.J. Miller is known for his hilarious roles in movies like She’s Out of My League, Get Him to the Greek, and The Emoji Movie. So it’s really not surprising that the funnyman went all out with his ugly Christmas sweater get-up. The mustache is a nice touch.

Meghan Transforms Into a Christmas Tree


Meghan Trainor took Christmas spirit to a whole new level when she dressed as a Christmas tree—decked with lights, presents, and all—at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball at the Staple’s Center in Downtown Los Angeles. She’s clearly all about the bass…er, the Christmas spirit.

The Hanson Brothers Get Snowed In

Anyone who was obsessed with the Hanson brothers in the ’90s is probably blasting the trio’s incredible Christmas album, Snowed In, right this very second. It’s good. Really good. We have to give it to Taylor, Zac, and Isaac—these Christmas sweaters are especially ugly. But when you look like they do, it doesn’t really matter.

In True Ozzy Fashion


This photo rocks for so many reasons. For starts, it’s Ozzy Osbourne, one of the greatest(?) rock stars in history. His wild and wacky career spanned 50 years, which would make anyone a little cooky themselves. So it’s no surprise that Ozzy would sport a gremlin-themed Christmas sweater while giving the horns. Rock on, Ozzy.