These Celebrities Have Dabbled As Pro Wrestlers

Professional wrestling and Hollywood seem to go hand in hand. But while it’s common to see wrestling superstars like John Cena make their way to the movie industry, it’s also common for celebrities to make their way to the wrestling ring. From classic comedians to the President of the United States, check out which celebrities have dabbled as professional wrestlers.

Can you imagine Jay Leno taking on Hulk Hogan?

Donald Trump Is In The WWE Hall of Fame


Leon Halip/WireImage/Getty Images

Nowadays, Donald Trump is best known for being the President of the United States. However, before he jumped into his love-hate relationship with the media and celebrities, Donald was attempting to be a celebrity himself. He had a long-running stint on the WWE and appeared as a nemesis of Vince McMahon, even once shaving his head in the ring.

Allegedly, Vince and Donald are great friends in real life and outside of wrestling. Donald gave Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon, a job once he became president. Linda was appointed as the Director of the Small Business Administration in 2017. Donald was even inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.