These Celebrities All Broke The Same Promise And Played Right Into Trump’s Hands

Let’s take a look back to 2016. If you can remember back to the presidential election, you may remember some celebrities all made a huge promise to America.

You don’t remember? Well, let me remind you that several stars pledged to leave the country if Trump was elected. This article talks about all the big names who made the promise, and where they are today.

Drake, Where Should I Buy?

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for The Stronach Group
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for The Stronach Group

Before the election: Snoop Dogg threatened to head up north if Donald Trump was to become President.

After the election: The rapper hasn’t bought a house in Canada as far as we know, but he did post a picture of Toronto’s CN Tower on Instagram tagging Drake asking for some property. But, unsurprisingly, he was very excited that California’s Prop 64 passed, which legalized recreational marijuana. We think that’s why he hasn’t left yet.