These Bizarre Car Accidents Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Nobody is ever happy to get into a car accident. They’re scary, costly, and super dangerous, but they are bound to happen. When you’re driving in a steel box going 65 miles per hour surrounded by other drivers, mistakes will be made, and accidents will happen. Whether someone was rear-ended, or someone ran a stop sign, most accidents have a logical explanation for them, but not these ones. Here’s a list of some of the most confusing car accidents that we could find on the Internet.

Apparently, the laws of physics don’t apply in Burbank, California.

Raise The Roof!


We’ve heard of cars going through the walls of houses before but through the roof? We’re not entirely sure how this was even possible. Were they trying to jump the house using a ramp? Or maybe this car was carried by a tornado or Superman threw it up there. We hope that the owner of this house has good insurance because surely there’s no way that anyone could prepare for this. Now the next big question is how are they going to get it down? That would be interesting to watch.

Parallel Parking Pro


Well, it looks like this driver was in a huge rush and desperately needed somewhere to park. If anything, this is impressive because there is no logical explanation of how a car can get like that. Whoever is the owner of the blue car is in for a surprise when they see their car next. Whoever is the driver of that car has some serious explaining to do both to the owners of the other two cars and their insurance company as well. We wonder if there is any damage to the sideways car and if they’ll just be able to drive it home after this ordeal.

Flat As A Pancake


Before we even attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery, we hope that whoever was in this car got out safely because there won’t be much of them left otherwise. This car looks like it was stepped on by a giant (much like a how a human would step on a Hot Wheels toy car ). The guy investigating the crash even looks to be in disbelief of what could have possibly flattened a car like this. This is a once in a lifetime situation to see a car like this on the side of the road, we’re just happy it didn’t happen to us.

Hole In One


Whoever did that had to be trying to make something like this happen. There’s no way that this person accidentally went off the side of a bridge and happened to get stuck in a pipe just like this. Even if it was done on purpose, this is still extremely impressive but we hope they jumped out of the car first because they probably wouldn’t have a head anymore if they didn’t. If you look closely, you can see a policeman taking a picture that he’s probably going to show to his wife at dinner that night.

What Is Going In Here?


At a glance, it looks like this trailer broke through the ice on top of a body of water. Yet, if you look, you’ll notice that isn’t frozen water but concrete! Now how does that even happen? Was this person just driving when their trailer began to sink into the pavement? They must have had something seriously heavy back there in order for this to happen, or whoever helped to make this road needs to be fired immediately because this is just unsafe. Hopefully, this driver got paid for this situation because it doesn’t look like they could have avoided it!

Defying Gravity


It looks like the laws of gravity don’t apply in Burbank, California. We can’t think of a single reason how this would happen. Did the car fly off of a bridge and land directly between those cars, or did the car rear-end the other one so bad that it was lifted totally off the ground? Whichever way, we’re glad that this picture was taken or else we wouldn’t believe it to be true. What we do know is that this person is going to have the best car accident story out of anyone that they know and should probably keep this picture in their wallet. Keep going to see two men escape death by a second.

Balancing Act


We wonder at what point this lady realized that she was driving off of the road and straight into a yacht? Apparently too late considering that the car is now balanced over the water with half of it on the boat and the other half on the shore. She doesn’t seem too distraught over it and is even smiling in this picture. How did she manage to get out of the car without getting wet? It’s only a matter of time until the boat starts to drift away from the shore and that the car will fall into the water and slowly sink to the bottom.

Coming In Hot!


This car must have been going pretty fast in order to end up in this situation. We wonder how a car that weighs thousands of pounds could possibly end up in a position like this. Whoever is the owner of the BMW should be counting their blessings, because it looks like their car came out without a scratch of this unbelievable situation. Someone is in for quite the shock when they see that there is another car completely on top of theirs. Hopefully, this didn’t happen on a Monday, or this would be a rocky way to start the week.

Count Your Blessings


Well, this could have gone down a lot worse then it did. We’re surprised that when the driver got out of the car that it didn’t send the car falling off of the side of the building. This driver should count their blessings because if they had driven off of the building they may not be walking away from that one. Luckily, there also isn’t anyone at the bottom waiting for a car to fall on top of them unsuspectingly. If they can somehow get the car away from the edge this would have worked out in the best way possible.

A Surprise Is Right


It looks like Fat Duck Surprise Chinese Cuisine really got the short end of the stick on this one. It surely must have been quite the site to see this van flying in the air upside down, and come crashing into that building. We’re sure that a lot of people were disappointed to hear that a van flew into the front window of their favorite Chinese joint in town. Now, where are they supposed to get orange chicken? It’s probably going to be a while until Fat Duck Surprise is back in business.

Lucked Out


This is yet another situation where the driver of this car should be thankful to live another day. This could have easily turned into a terrible disaster, but by some ounce of luck, the car managed to not fall over the edge. After an experience like this, my next stop would probably be at some sort of house of worship to thank whoever was looking out for me that day. It’s not very often people get to say they were lucky in this kind of situation. Also, kudos to whoever installed that that railing securely, they just might have saved a life.

Run For Your Lives!


We wish that we had a little bit of context behind this picture. That plane crashing directly into that car doesn’t look like any old accident, that looks intentional. Thankfully, for those guys, they had enough time to run for their lives right before they were hit by a flying airplane! We’re sure that once everything was over, they must have felt pretty cool dodging an airplane by jumping off a cliff like that. The real question is who took the picture? These guys must have really pissed somebody off for them to crash an airplane into their car!



Something tells us that if the driver of this car was a soccer fan before, they probably aren’t one anymore. What are the chances that a giant soccer ball comes out of nowhere and completely destroys your car? This driver must have had some seriously bad karma coming their way in order for this to happen. We thought that stuff like this only happened in movies but we’ve been proven wrong. Seeing that giant ball rolling down the street is not something that you see every day and you’d probably do a double take to make sure you’re not dreaming.



Nothing will wake you up in the morning more than a van flying into the side of your car. Is it being held up by a fire hydrant underneath it? Once that thing breaks open, then it will get really interesting with water spraying everywhere. The truly confusing this about this picture is how this bus managed to turn sideways on a highway that’s only going in two directions. Someone must have been asleep at the wheel or something in order for this to happen. We hope that everyone’s okay even though it doesn’t look like anyone got hurt.

Oh The Irony


With the entire parking lot being completely empty, this driver really must have messed up in order to drive right into that wall. Yet, at least that they drove into a Collision Concepts building that way they won’t even need a tow truck to transport their car. However, something tells us that the people at Collision Concepts might refuse to work on this person’s car because they have to worry about the hole in the side of their building. Maybe the driver is a construction worker?

Perfect Aim


Once again, the only real question here is how? Is there a ramp or something that just isn’t pictured, because the last time we checked, cars don’t just levitate off of the ground whenever they feel like it. There’s no way that the driver wasn’t trying to do this, and if they were we just want to know why. Sure that would be a pretty impressive stunt, but surely someone could have used that car for transportation rather than launching it into a trashcan. To each their own.

Breakdancing Machine


At a quick glance, this may look like a Transformer breakdancing in the middle of the street. But if you look closer, you’ll notice that this is just a crane that has completely tipped over. We’re not sure how a crane manages to fall over, but this is what it looks like. We definitely feel bad for whoever’s house that it, because their roof is going to need to have some serious work done. Although this isn’t necessarily a car accident, we figured that it was an accident worth sharing.

Could Have Been Worse


In all honesty, this looks like it could have gone a lot worse than it actually did. Neither car looks to really have any true damage, and the car looks like it’s ever so lightly balancing on the truck. Yet again, we’re not too sure how this even came to be, but it once again it’s proof that sometimes cars don’t always follow the laws of gravity. Those people observing on the side of the road should look out because that car looks to be in a pretty precarious position and could fall at any moment.

Tight Squeeze


Now this one is just ridiculous. There isn’t anything that comes to mind that would help to explain how this happened. What we do know, is that both of these cars are most likely totaled from this incident. This is another crash that somebody would need to take a picture of in order for anybody to believe them. We’re sure that the police and anyone else that came to help out with the situation was shocked by what they encountered.We wonder whose fault this accident was, and how these cars ended up like this.

A Rocky Situation


Usually, when we’re driving in a canyon and we see warning signs about falling rocks, we don’t normally think twice about it. Well, this picture is proof that maybe we should take heed of these warnings a little bit more seriously. Let’s hope that this car was parked and nobody was inside of it because that’s a seriously big rock that landed on this car. At least this one is a little bit more realistic than a giant soccer ball landing on your car, but both are equally as bad. We don’t know where this rock came from, but it looks like it fell from pretty high up.